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Cop Shop comes to DVD

UK viewers who were fortunate enough to have satellite television in the late 1980s and early 1990s will remember the award winning Australian police drama Cop Shop. The good news is that the series is being released on DVD, and the first thrilling volume is now available over here.

Every Episode of Division 4 now on DVD

Fans of the award winning Australian police drama Division 4 will be thrilled to learn that the twelfth and final DVD volume of the series has just been released in the UK. This means that all 300 action packed episodes are now available for you to own and enjoy once again.

More Mayhem in Matlock Police

Volume 8 of the ever popular Australian drama series Matlock Police has just gone on sale in the UK, and we find that the mayhem continues for the coppers in this small rural community.

More Division 4 on DVD

Volume 11 of Division 4 has just been released in the UK and we find that Detective Mick Peters (Terence Donovan) and the rest of the officers of Yarra Central Police Station are on high alert due to a crime spree spreading across Melbourne.