Tag "The Colby’s"

ATV Icon: Aaron Spelling

This month our ATV Icons strand celebrates the prolific American television producer Aaron Spelling who’s various and numerous credits include hits such as Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty, Melrose Place, T.J Hooker and The Love Boat.

Flashback: Dynasty

This month our Flashback strand takes a look at the 1980s super-soap Dynasty which charted the lives of the wealthy Carringtons and the Colby’s – two families with endless stream of long-lost siblings, off-spring and spouses that could crop up as the storyline dictated.

ATV Icon: John Forsythe

It was announced last week that American actor John Forsythe had died at the age of 92 following a battle with cancer. Although Forsythe will forever be associated with Charlie’s Angels and Dynasty he had a long and varied career which stretched back to the 1940s. ATV takes a look back at the career of the actor who’ll be best remembered as oil tycoon Blake Carrington.