Petitions launched by fans of supernatural series The Secret Circle have amassed over 60,000 signatures.

The witch-based drama, based on the novels by L.J Smith who also wrote The Vampire Diaries series of books, was cancelled by The CW in America earlier this month. The Secret Circle was widely expected to be renewed because of its consistent performance across its first season. The CW opted to renew action drama Nikita and freshmen drama Hart of Dixie instead surprising many.

Fans of The Secret Circle were quick to spring into action launching various campaigns on Twitter and Facebook as well as setting three petitions and launching a website to co-ordinate the campaign. So far the three main petitions set-up by fans have amassed an impressive 67,930 signatures!

The drama, starring Thomas Dekker and Gale Harold, is currently leading ATV Today‘s poll on which axed U.S show readers would save given the chance. The Secret Circle is way ahead of rivals such as Terra Nova and Ringer with 80% of the vote so far.

You can visit the Save The Secret Circle website here >>

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