David Lynch’s movie prequel to quirky drama Twin Peaks is to be released on DVD.

Fire Walk With Me was released in 1992 and was made by David Lynch to act as a prequel to the cult television soap opera Twin Peaks. The drama lasted for two seasons on ABC with its central storyline being the murder of teenager Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) and the subsequent investigation.

Twin Peaks was a huge hit with audiences in America and the UK thanks to its unusual style, quirky characters and mystery storyline. The second season quickly resolved the murder of Laura Palmer which sparked a decline in ratings and the drama was axed by ABC. But following the axe David Lynch decided to produce a prequel chronicling the last few days of Laura Palmer before her murder.

The prequel film did not receive good reviews when it was released and was even booed at the 1992 Cannes festival. A large portion filmed for Fire Walk With Me was reportedly unused in the final theatrical cut because of the running time. There have been calls for the footage to be included in a special edition of the film – in all over 5 hours of footage was shot.

The prequel is to be released on DVD on 4th June and reunites cast members from the television series such as Kyle MacLachlan, Ray Wise, Dana Ashbrook and Peggy Lipton who reprise their respective roles.

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