‘Today’ show fans angry over Ann Curry axing


Thousands of disgruntled viewers have left angry messages on the Today Show Facebook page.

Many are angry over the announcement that Ann Curry would be leaving the breakfast show with immediate effect. She made the announcement live on air during Thursday’s programme after weeks of press speculation about her position.

The popular presenter had been with the programme for 14 years and was promoted to co-anchor alongside Matt Lauer in June 2011. One year on after a short fall in ratings, NBC executives decided to move Curry to a new position, of which has accepted.

Curry will now be now be a roving reporter for NBC News programming, reporting on big stories from America and around the world.

Over 18,000 have left messages on the official Facebook page for Today Show on the posting that Ann would be leaving. Many have voiced their support for Ann and are critical of the way the show has treated her.

Georgia Theriot writes: “It upsets me greatly that Anne is no longer going to be on the today show. I watch every morning to see her. I have even gone to the today show just to see her.”

Gerry Madigan: “Shame on NBC for treating Ann so badly. I WAS a lifetime watcher of Today. No longer”

Yap Chong: “This New President, Steve Capus, is an idiot apparently. Today show is nothing without Ann! You suck! You hurt the feeling of many by treating Ann like nothing. Hope you get booted. Boycott all NBC jerks!”

Bernadette Cosmo Boyce: “Shame Shame Shame on you for your treatment of Ann Curry. Why she would continue working for them is beyond me? I am sure she could do much better elsewhere.”

Savannah Guthrie was confirmed on Friday to be the new co-anchor. She will officially take her seat a week on Monday despite presenting the show just a day after Ann was dumped.


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15 Replies to “‘Today’ show fans angry over Ann Curry axing”

  1. Hurray Ann is gone. You did the right thing! She was always talking over other people and never listening to what others said. She was rude. Good for you.

    1. I am not sure what Ann you were watching. Maybe you have little voices in your head? She is a great listener. Not a drop of rudeness in her.

      Even someone who doesn’t like Ann has to admit the way NBC handled the situation was horrible. Someone who has served you well for 14 years deserves a little respect. They gave her none. At least any decent person could see that…

    2. You’re out of your mind. . . . .what show have you been watching. She was soft spoken, respectful and a pleasure to watch.
      You go ahead and enjoy watching Savannah Guthrie. . . . . goofy, freakishly large and awkward, with the most annoying voice!
      I’m moving on . . . . . . .to ABC

    3. I believe Jean B. must have been jealous! It’d obvious that she don’t have knowledge enough to know that Ann Curry is who most people watched that shw to see and hear!! SHAME on YOU, JEAN B!!~

  2. Jean, that’s called interview control and broadcasting. There is a set amount of time allotted per segment and sometimes the interviewer has to take control of the conversation. It happens on every live news show. Ann Curry had more humanity than anyone else on the Today show. Even if not, no one deserves to be treated the way she was. It was crass at best.

  3. Perhaps then this is what it has come down to. Ratings and making advertising dollars is the catch phrase these days in the current media paradigm and despite how qualified a journalist, if it is assessed that they may not have enough star power behind them they may end up finding themselves being asked to move along, something that Ms Curry found out brutally and to her amazement.

    Such are the bitter affairs of watching yesterday’s heroes go up in flames…


    1. Scallywag, starpower? l used to watch Today way back when Bryant Gumbal co-hosted with Katie Kuric & Jane Pauly. It used to amaze me how Mat Lower would fume at Bryants starpower.He always was a poor choice for Ann Curry to have to carry, Mat”s so lacking in confidece, out of his deapth & ill at ease when he is out shone. If managment was looking to boost their ratings what better place to start than helping Mat Lowrer find a job at a newspaper or a radio station, not in front of a camera.Bring back Ann Curry & Bryan Gumbel they would work well together & the ratings will go through the roof. Until Ann returns lwont bother with Today or NBC

      1. @ Michael…Well said! I’ve never watched the show because of Matt; boring, rude, dry, snob elitist, no warmth or not connected to the viewers…We viewers have the control and as long as we continue to watch and raise their ratings, NBC will get away with this type of behavior. I wish nothing but good things for Ann and hope that she will leave NBC and move on to better. A new fan of GMA (although, I still love my Kathy and Hoda) : )

  4. It is a disgrace how NBC treated Ann Curry – not watching the Today Show anymore, Switching to
    Good Morning America. I hope NBC lives to regret giving Ann the heave-ho.

  5. The today show has become boring and no longer a viable source of news, it’s screams of elite liberal New York bias and baby sits everything Obama with Matt Laur leading the charge. Anyone watching the show could pick up on Matt’s total indifference towards Ann Curry and his infatuation with Samantha Guthrie. The last show Ann did I was watching Matt Laur with that wicked self satisfied smile that said please leave your done Ann and don’t let the door hit on the A??.
    The ratings will go down from here, remember Jane Pauley, and who replaced her? And where was she for a decade. Samantha Guthrie is one and done and she can blame her mentor Matt stab in the back Laur .

  6. Want to topple the empire? We the People have the power. NBC is nothing without its viewers. No viewers means no advertisers, no advertisers means no show!!! Let’s make history today people. This will be one that will go down in the books and will always be remembered for the debacle that white men in business suits who were solely interested in the mighty green lost it all by their total disregard to human compassion, decency and their ignorance to the word ‘loyalty’. VOTE with your remote people!!! Take a stand to the injustice that was served to Ann Curry. Do NOT waiver as that’s what the NBC Exec’s are hoping as they try to tempt and tease us with the Olympics hoping all will be forgotten and they will never have to face up to their egregious actions against an seasoned veteran to the show and against us, THE PEOPLE, who ultimately help them rake in the ‘green’. Say NO!! Say we won’t stand for it!! Vote with your remote!! Boycott NBC, unlike their page, write their sponsors!!! Stand uniform people!!! This will not be swept under the carpet, our voices will be heard. We are outraged and simply disgusted by the Exec’s at NBC!!! Make them pay, make them learn.  Let’s hit them where it hurts the most- THEIR WALLETS!!!  We the people have the power. We control who gets the advertising revenue by the shows WE watch.  We can topple the empire!! And we will go down in history for doing so. Do NOT mess with the viewers who are responsible for your paycheck. And you can watch the Olympics online so NBC is not the only game in town. We the people have the power, Let’s topple this empire!!!!!!

    1. I said goodbye to Ann Curry not because I and a lot of other viewers wanted to but because NBC really made a bad choice. Now I say goodbye to you Matt Lauer because sometimes money shouldn’t be the most important thing, some times people just need to take a stand and if it’s true that you took part in Ann’s leaving, then shame on you, seems like you can’t get along with co workers, look at Katie. Guess greed speaks volumes. You know not all news can be reported wrong, like when you got a big fat raise to be the golden boy. Well this time I think viewers are taking a stand. Now watch NBC ratings go down and watch out Matt, you may be the next one out the door… good bye NBC and to all the BS that goes along with it. You lost a great host…a seasoned reporter. And you know it really angered me when NBC says that Ann was in agreement with this cause she clearly said on her good bye day, that this was her dream job…it’s plain and simple she got the shaft… there are many things we can’t do anything about but this isn’t one of them, the amount of people you just lost as viewers will show you… But hey Kathy Lee and her side kick will be with you, along with the other ding bats co hosters that know how to giggle cute….was a mistake

  7. It’s so hard to believe the NBC executives weren’t aware of how unpopular Matt Lauer is with the viewers. He’s always been barely tolerable and my family was hoping he would be leaving this year. The women co-anchors have always been the viewer draw, proping up the show in spite of Matt being vapid and burnt-out. The move they made to replace such a beloved and respected veteran journalist after 15yrs of loyality to them, and the disgusting way it was mishandled has gone a long way in destroying their brand. I for one will never watch the “Today Show” or NBC programing ever again. They have a very bad track record for this kind of decision making that proves that the problem is more at the executive level.

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