Ross and Brand, you have your say.

As the saga drags on and on, thanks to the relentless gutter press, we take a step back and ask for your opinions on the scandal the papers have dubbed ‘Manuelgate’.

Unsurprisingly the Sunday papers have dragged on the story on longer than necessary. The suspension of Jonathan Ross and Lesley Douglas and Russell Brand quitting should have put an end to the case but the Sunday papers are determined to bleed their pound of flesh for all its worth.

The News of the World has an interview with the supposed ex-boyfriend of the woman at the centre of the scandal. And he seems to be speaking the only one speaking any sense in any of this. In an interview with the paper about Georgina Baillie, and his relationship with her, the ex-boyfriend says;

“How anyone can be in something called the Satanic Sluts and be upset by what’s happened is ridiculous.”

As we say, someone speaking sense at last. It’s also interesting how anyone who apparently worked as a “£110-an-hour dominatrix” can be “humiliated” by the prank phone calls. Maybe when the boots on the other foot and she’s being humiliated she doesn’t like it. The dominatrix story appeared in The Mirror earlier in the week.

Anyway, dominatrix’s and Satanic Sluts aside, what do YOU make of all this? Do you think it’s time to move on and forget about all it or do you feel Ross and Brand have got off too lightly? Have the press whipped up a storm in a tea cup or is the frenzy justified? Send us YOUR opinions on ‘Manuelgate’ Here >>

You can read the interview with Baillie’s ex-boyfriend here You can read the Dominatrix story here

Disclaimer: NONE of the opinions of those expressed below are endorsed by ATV News Network and nor are they the opinions of ATV Today either. They are the opinions of our readers.

“They have said they are sorry, people should move on now” – Marie

“Most of the complaints were made AFTER the press got involved so most of those who did complain probably didn’t even hear the show” – Matthew

“Ross should follow Brand’s example and quit the BBC” – Lesley

“I’d have more sympathy with the grand-daughter if she hadn’t sold her story to the papers” – Kelly

“There are loads of anti-Georgina Baillie groups on Facebook now. She’s got what she wanted, media attention. And made a few bucks out of it too” – Harry

“How can any paper defend a ‘Satanic Slut’?” – Jon

“If those phone calls were meant to be funny then there is something seriously wrong with comedy these days” – Arthur

“I’m baffled as to why someone calling themselves a ‘Satanic Slut’ would be so offended by the prank calls” – Daphne

“I think it’s rich she complains when she’s part of a group called ‘satanic sluts’!” – Des

“If she’s so upset she’s so upset over the whole “ordeal” why is she taking her clothes of for the sun? Surely that’s just as humiliating as what Brand and Ross did?” – Marty

“I can’t stand Ross or Brand so I’m not bothered about what’s happened. They aren’t funny anyway” – Gerry

“It should never have happened. Who honestly thinks making such phone calls is ‘funny’?” – Damien

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