Viewers of ITV’s The X-Factor who are fans of Laura White have signed a petition complaining about her eviction from the show and the voting set up for the competition.

The petition has been handed to media regulator, Ofcom.

The storm surrounding Laura White’s shock eviction from The X-Factor on Saturday night is continuing after a petition with 50,000 signatures has been handed over to the media regulator, Ofcom. Fans of Laura White are complaining about the show’s phone voting set up and Ofcom is now investigating claims by fans that they found it difficult to vote for Laura White.

On Saturday’s show Laura White and Ruth Lorenzo ended up bottom of the phone votes but The X-Factor judges decided to save Lorenzo and kick White off the show. Their decision was met with shock by fans of the show and fans of White and almost immediately stories about difficulty with the phone-lines started to emerge online.

It’s not the first time an ITV show has been accused of ill regularities with its premium phone-in set ups and ITV will no doubt be hoping that Ofcom conclude there were no such problems with The X-Factor on Saturday night. Earlier this year a string of ITV shows were found to have “mislead” the audience in regards to premium phone-ins and other issues.

Amongst the shows listed by Ofcom as having mislead the audiences was GMTV, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and Soapstar Superstar.

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