Channel 4 have released details on their forthcoming comedies across the rest of the summer and autumn of 2017.

The Windsors will return later this month for a second series.

The royals have once again agreed to appear in a frank and candid fly on the wall documentary series celebrating their off duty roles away from the public eye. In this satirical comedy soap opera the show once again lampoons the lives of our much loved royal family.

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle (Kathryn Drysdale) will appear in the new series and Harry Enfield (Prince Charles), Haydn Gwynne (Camilla) Morgana Robinson (Pippa), Louise Ford (Kate), Hugh Skinner (Wills), Richard Goulding (Harry), Katy Wix, (Fergie), Ellie White, (Beatrice), Celeste Dring (Eugenie), Tim Wallers (Prince Andrew), Matthew Cottle (Prince Edward) and Vicki Pepperdine (Princess Anne) will all return for the next instalment of Channel 4’s take on the life and times behind closed doors of the Windsor family and their friends.

In September Man Down returns. Greg Davies is back on the network with his critically acclaimed sitcom.

Walking disaster-area and child-trapped-in-a-man’s-body Dan (Greg Davies) is locked in a soft-focus dream of his impending fatherhood; he’s quit his much hated job as a teacher and is applying his unique work ethic to another, more earthy profession. With Aunt Nesta (Stephanie Cole) and his mum (Gwyneth Powell) now in a retirement village “pissing my inheritance up a wall” Dan is on an increasingly desperate hunt find a new home for his soon-to-be family.

Helped by his oldest friends, uptight financial advisor Brian (Mike Wozniak) and the irrepressibly bonkers serial-‘entrepreneur’ Jo (Roisin Conaty), can Dan finally grow up to become the man he hopes he can be…?

And over on E4 this month Roisin Conaty’s self-penned sitcom GameFace, is a new addtion to the comedy slate.

The six part show for E4 began life as a comedy BLAP. The story sees Conaty play Marcella, an aspiring actress with a distinct world view who despite being ever optimistic can’t quite get her work, family or love life on track. The series follows Marcella as she tries to make a success of her life and career, and navigate the changing landscape of her 30’s, whilst still recovering from the break-up of a long term relationship.

She is aided and abetted by her therapist, played by Karl Theobald (Green Wing, Plebs), friends and, unusually, her driving instructor. Pauline McLynn (Father Ted, Shameless) plays Marcella’s mum with Francis Magee (Witless, Game of Thrones, Rogue One) as her furious dad and Dylan Edwards (Wasted, Pramface) as wayward brother Billy. Damien Molony (Crashing, Being Human) plays her long-suffering driving instructor Jon, Nina Toussaint-White (Uncle, Emmerdale) and comedian Caroline Ginty play Lucy and Caroline, Marcella’s best friends and flatmates, and Dustin Demri Burns (Cardinal Burns, Pyschobitches) is ex-boyfriend Simon.

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