Morgan attacks Ross again

Former Mirror editor Piers Morgan once again attacks Jonathan Ross as his own chat-show launches on ITV1 tonight.

Morgan, one of the star faces of ITV.

Piers Morgan, former editor of The Mirror, has once again attacked rival Jonathan Ross during an interview with The Sunday Express. During the conversaiton, promoting the launch of his own chat-show on ITV1, Morgan claimed that ratings for Ross’ BBC One talkshow were in “free-fall”. Morgan was forced to quit tabloid rag The Mirror in 2004 after publishing photos that purported to show British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners but were in fact forgeries.

After quitting the paper in 2004 Morgan has become a regularly fixture on ITV thanks to his role of judge, alongside Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden, on Britain’s Got Talent and several other shows on ITV. Morgan’s own chat-show, Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, launches tonight on ITV1 and the opening episode see’s him interviewing Sharon Osbourne – who had her own chat-show on ITV but it flopped, rather like Anthony Cotton’s.

“I think what’s interesting about Ross is that it started high with the comeback show because people were curious, and it’s now drifted about 3 or 400,000 below the average (ratings) for the series. I think it’s got problems. It’s just got very boring because he can’t be the Jonathan Ross that got him where he was.” – Piers Morgan speaking to The Sunday Express.

It isn’t the first time Morgan has criticised his BBC rival and last year claimed that his new chat-show would win the battle of the ratings with Ross’ BBC show – however, they are now airing on different nights as ITV seemingly prefer Sunday evening for Morgan.

“He can’t be lewd and offensive like he used to be, and he’s ended up being a quite smarmy and sycophantic interviewer. I don’t think he’s worth the money, and he should have been fired.” Piers Morgan speaking to The Sunday Express.

Time will tell if Piers Morgan’s chat-show proves to be a ratings success for ITV or a ratings flop ala Sharon Osbourne and Anthony Cotton.

Ross: The BBC Chat show Morgan isn’t likely to appear on.
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