Channel 4 to air documentary on people who live with far from usual pets.

“When Ross told me that he couldn’t film Stepan the bear for five months because Stepan was hibernating, we all knew this was going to be an unusual film! It’s a unique world and Ross did a great job gaining the trust of the owners and filming some very funny and revealing moments as he travelled the world to spend time with people who have wild animals in their homes.” – Peter Wyles, Executive Producer for Barcroft

The UK’s pet population stands at a staggering 54 million. But, for some, owning a cat or a dog just isn’t enough… Around the world thousands of dangerous animals live as human companions.

This one-off documentary reveals why a bear, crocodile and a one-ton buffalo were chosen to be part of the family and why some people own a pet that could feasibly kill them?

Stepan, a Russian 7 foot 55 stone bear regularly has breakfast and tea with his owners Yuri and Svetlana. Jilly, a 9 foot deadly saltwater crocodile in the suburbs of Melbourne, has sleepovers at her owner Vicki’s house. Meanwhile, Mike and Valerie in Minnesota are parents to a one-ton buffalo called Cody – who has to be showered in the local car wash and who joins them for a drink at the local bar with them. Elsewhere, Larry from New York has spent 30 years working with dangerous creatures including a tiger who he sent to live with Michael Jackson.

Bear About the House: Living With My Supersized Pet, explores the unusual relationship between the colourful owners and their pets. Why do they make a wild beast part of the family? Director Ross Haley uncovers the reasons why owners choose such extraordinary or dangerous animals, even allowing them into their homes.

Made by Barcroft Productions the one-off documentary airs this coming Monday – July 24th – on Channel 4.

“Barcroft have negotiated great access and teamed with Ross Haley, a very talented director. They have brought a warm touch to the colourful world of supersized pets and just who chooses to own them.” – Channel 4’s Factual Entertainment Commissioning Executive Lucy Leveugle

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