Dr Christian Jessen is to return for a second series of Dr Christian Will See You Now while comedian Nick Helm embarks on a new series for the broadcaster.

“It’s great to be back doing what I love; being a doctor and educating the public about all aspects of their health. The first series really showed how medicine is not just about treating a disease but looking after the whole person, and often this means their nearest and dearest too. I’m looking forward to sending more patients on their journeys of discovery and recovery and my team and I will be there every step of the way. I’m excited to see what results we can achieve this time around and am sure they will be as moving and inspirational as ever.” – Dr Christian Jessen

Dr Christian Will See You Now returns to UKTV’s premium entertainment channel W, following the success of series one which saw W up 4% on slot reaching 3.26m individuals across the series. The eight-part series from Firecracker Films will see the renowned doctor return to his state-of-the-art clinic to diagnose, counsel and treat patients who desperately need his help.

Dr Christian’s skills will be put to the test, as he treats a huge range of medical conditions, from body image issues to fertility complications, weight problems to more complex psychological concerns. Dr Christian will explore the sometimes devastating effect these conditions can have on his patient’s relationships and will be on hand to make sure his patients are supported through difficult times.

An extensive network of fixed-rig cameras will be there to capture every smile, every tear and every jaw-dropping medical revelation, as Dr Christian sets out to help change his patients’ lives for the better.

“This is a great series for W, the fixed rig cameras create an intimate environment allowing viewers privileged access to the fascinating consultations between Dr Christian and his patients. We’re looking forward to seeing more heartfelt and extraordinary stories unfold in series two.” – Executive producer for UKTV, Helen Nightingale

In other UKTV news award-winning comedian and actor Nick Helm is to join Dave as he sets off on a highly personal culinary journey around the UK and Europe in this brand-new UKTV Original series, Eat Your Heart Out with Nick Helm.

Nick loves food and can’t quite believe that the channel known as Dave has invited him to make a show all about food and what it means to him. But when his girlfriend dumps him at the start of the series, Nick must come to terms with his newfound single status whilst making his new show – visiting one city at a time, finding food, eating food and sharing it with the new acquaintances and old friends he meets along the way.

The sixteen episode series sees Soho, Leeds, Berlin, Paris, Glasgow, Essex and Brighton just some of the places Nick ventures to on his food odyssey.

“I’ve always had a love of people, food and food shows and making this one was deeply personal to me. Not only did I get to meet some of my heroes, but I got to work with and eat with some of my oldest and closest friends, favourite comedians and David Trent. I think the team and I have managed to make a show that puts a fresh, funny and entertaining spin on a familiar format whilst at the same time showcasing the joy, passion and personalities that go into creating some of the delicious food that this world has to offer” – Nick Helm

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