News in Brief: Doctor on the Buses, Olly Murs x2, Kim Woodburn and Underpants

Another weekend television and showbiz news round-up in brief with ATV Today’s Mike Watkins.

This week I’ve got which of the One Direction boys is to marry first?, The Doctor wanting to take a bus, magnetic sex, Kim Woodburn has unleashed her tongue again and we think Kay Burley is the perfect host to take on The Weakest Link…

From the Tardis to a Bus?

Current Doctor Who lead star Peter Capaldi is apparently trying to line up his next TV role as he prepares to leave the popular science fiction drama this December. The Sun report that Capaldi ‘is keen to star’ as Cyril Blake in a remake of On The Buses. The newspaper note it was a BBC sitcom, of course telly lovers know that On The Buses actually aired on ITV and was produced by regional broadcaster and production company London Weekend Television.

The 59-year-old actor has been trying to persuade Doctor Who executive Steven Moffat to reboot the LWT sitcom for a new generation. The show, set in a London bus depot followed the misadventures of the staff at the Luxton and District Transport Company.

The series revolved around the antics of bus driver Stan Butler [Reg Varney] and his conductor Jack [Bob Grant] as they try to date their way through the female clippies of the bus company, avoid as much work as possible and wind up grumpy Inspector Blakey [Stephen Lewis]. While Jack was presented as a womaniser and Stan as a down-to-earth bloke, Blakey was the stereotypical job-worthy inspector always looking out for a chance to get one over on Stan and Jack.

Its not the first time the show has been mooted for a relaunch. In the late 1980s the original cast were apparently set to return to the London Weekend Television studios for Back On The Buses, but the show never came to air. In 2011 Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer had eyed up a remake of the show. It of course didn’t materialise either.

The series ran from 1969 to 1973 and three big screen versions were later produced.

On the Buses, the classic LWT sitcom, or if you work at The Sun, the classic BBC sitcom that never was.

Katie Price Weekly

A weekly watch of one of our favourite telly personalities. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Antony Cotton and Roxanne Pallett ATV News turns to the one and only – thank God – Katie Price. What’s our darling of the television screen been up to this week?

Now we all know Katie loves her children, there is no question of that. But the former model also loves the limelight and many celebrities are asked, or paid, to promote items on social media. How they do it is sometimes cunningly disguised as ‘everyday life’ other attempts – as we covered recently with Katie Piper and a car company – are a bit more blatant. So when the Loose Women star was asked to promote a washing machine, how would the mum and housewife pull it off, without it looking like a paid-for promotion?

Well advisedly not by sticking one of your kids inside it, snapping a photo of the said kid inside it, then singing the praises with all its promotional links…

“Hide and seek! Found ?? in our new 18kg washing machine from Cater Wash the best thing I’ve found to get my washing done quicker.Making housework soooo much easier because I can wash loads at once!!?? [company website link removed].” – Katie Price on Instagram

Her fans, yes her fans, were shocked by the badly thought out homemade ad as The Sun on Friday reported; ‘to see her using Princess in the post, considering the dangers involved in putting children in electrical equipment [fans] took to Instagram to comment on it.’ It has been noted youngsters have died having climbed into washing machines. However it is a relatively small figure and most are the older styled top-loading, rather than side loading, versions in countries such as the USA and India where these things sadly happen more than in the UK.

Instagram users, while clearly impressed with the size of the tumble dryer – promotion success of sorts then – they were not impressed with shoving a child inside it to prove its got a large spacious drum. One noted ‘“Omg? this is not good Katie really if that had been somebody like us that wasn’t famous we would get reported to social services. I think the same rule should apply to celebs. I’m sorry but you’re no better than us, just saying that’s all,” while another said “Are you mental. Putting your kid inside a washing machine for an ad?”

I’m not sure why companies would want a Price-endorsement anyway, I mean it’s not exactly in the league of Shirley Bassey or Daniel Craig, is it? It’s not even in the league of The Chuckle Brothers or Joe Pasquale. Yet these bargain-basement celeb endorsements seems to be in demand; this week alone Katie has plugged the washer and a razor and in July she plugged a drinks range – all with various use of her children within said promos.

Damp Report

We also turn our attention to Katie Price’s other half. Earlier this week her current hubby Kieran Hayler opened up about how ‘really bad bullying’ in school caused him to pee the bed until he was aged 14. The Metro paper reported how the 30-year-old, who married Katie back in 2013, spoke about him widdling himself on her latest reality show.

Bulling is a very serious issue, and if you need help or advice with that we don’t recommend watching a trashy Katie Price telly series, instead, we suggest talking to The National Bullying Helpline. You can reach them via post; PO Box 1276, Swindon, SN25 4UX. Email or telephone: 0845 22 55 787. Now we’ve got the serious stuff out the way I can note that I sometimes wet myself – from laughter when I hear a Katie Price trying to sing.

Two Murs are Better than One

Now onto someone who really can sing… Under the bright lights of the stage, Olly Murs saw an all too familiar face on Wednesday night (Aug 2nd). Ahead of the popstar’s hotly-anticipated headlining performance at the North West’s biggest music event Lytham Festival, Olly got the chance to catch up with his long lost-wax counterpart.

With two years since the British heartthrob last saw his wax figure, the team at Madame Tussauds Blackpool couldn’t resist bringing the figure over to the local festival to re-unite the stars. Taking up permanent residence in Madame Tussauds Blackpool, the team has given the “Troublemaker” singer’s wax figure a makeover to prep him for a long summer of festivals. Re-styled with a brand new outfit, the figure appears wearing a black, slick shirt, grey chinos and casual trainers. But the trademark cheeky grin firmly remains, and of course a microphone in his hand.

The Essex pop sensation couldn’t contain his excitement when he laid eyes on his double’s brand new look:

“‘I love my new re-style! My wax figure has got a nice new outfit which is something I wore on a TV show earlier in the year. I think my style is getting more and more casual, so who knows – next year he might be in a tracksuit!” (laughs)


  • Local TV station London Live has launched a fortnightly dedicated business programme called ‘The Capital Conversation’. The show will transmit on Tuesday evenings at 7pm presented by Michael Hayman. The production aims to showcase the best in business and convene leaders at the heart of the capitals success stories.

  • The Sun newspaper has apologised to former EastEnders executive Sean O’Connor for suggesting the soap boss had been dispatched from the BBC Elstree production for ‘bullying’. The BBC and O’Connor came to a parting of the ways recently with the former The Archers boss leaving the show after just a year in the job. However, despite the tabloid reports, no cast had complained to beeb bosses about Sean during his tenure, or indeed after it.

“In our front page article (June 23rd) about Sean O’Connor…. we wrongly suggested that Mr O’Connor had been sacked as a result of bullying the cast of the show, and to such an extent that the actors had complained to the BBC. We now accept that this was wrong. Mr O’Connor had not been accused of bullying anyone, none of the cast complained to the BBC about him bullying them, and his decision to leave the BBC had nothing to do with any claims of bullying. We apologise to Mr O’Connor for the distress caused, and have agreed to pay him substantial damages and legal costs.” – The Sun

  • Oversensitive Emmerdale viewers were apparently ‘upset’ by the mention, in passing, of recently departed dancing dog Pudsey in a scene aired on Wednesday. The Daily Star reported that ‘Sam Dingle was trying to show off his best dance moves to his potential love interest Lydia Hart…Hearing him claim that dancing was only for women, Lydia was not best pleased. She told him: “Really just for girls? Tell that to Fonteyn or Beyonce or Pudsey.” The scene was obviously recorded before the doggie passed away. So let’s not cry too much over a brief mention of the Britain’s Got Talent winner, it wasn’t like it was anything nasty after all.

  • The Mirror reported that a beeb boss apparently sent an email allegedly claiming the Vanessa Feltz radio show was ‘lacking personality’. The confidential blurb slated the Radio 2 and Radio London presenter who is, as the paper noted, ‘one of [the corporation’s] top-earning stars’. The Vanessa bashing became public following the email accidentally being forwarded onto some staff. The show in question up for criticism was her local radio programme, not her national Radio 2 offering. We just find it somewhat ironic a beeb executive would know what a personality was seen as most of them are lacking one.

  • Lauren Harries this week also revealed to the tabloids all the gossip on her toyboy. The quirky personality, who walked out of This Morning mid interview – showing she has some common sense –  has talked openly about her ‘magnetic sex sessions’. The 40-year-old is bonk busting 21-year-old actor Connor Yemm. Speaking exclusively to The Mirror’s showbiz team Lauren insisted that the age gap between herself and her lover doesn’t cross her mind, going as far as stating it ‘doesn’t bother her at all’ – before adding that she’s had further surgery procedures carried out so she feels and looks younger in every way. I’m personally yet to see a face lift that looks natural or an improvement, but each to their own. Let’s just hope all that sex doesn’t make anything rip, burst or drop off.

  • ITV News Economics Editor Noreena Hertz is to depart the ITN news service. Noreena is to launch her own programme ‘MegaHertz: London Calling’ on SiriusXM’s Insight channel from August 28th. Noreena will also serve as Chief Europe Correspondent at SiriusXM.

  • Former EastEnders actor Joseph Shade has admitted sex offences against teenage girls. The 24-year-old played Peter Beale, son of Ian, in the BBC One saga from 1998 to 2004. After departing the Borehamwood based production he formed a career as a youth worker. It was while in this job he asked those he was helping for sex. On Thursday during the fourth day of his trial Shade changed his pleas to guilty at Norwich Crown Court. The jury, of five women and seven men, issued guilty verdicts on five counts of inciting an underage girl to engage in sexual activity. There was also a guilty verdict for a charge relating to sexual activity with an underage girl while being in a position of trust. The incidents took place between 2012 and 2015 with the victims aged between 13 and 17. Shade has been released on bail pending sentencing.

  • Challenge TV are to repeat The Weakest Link hosted by Anne Robinson. This got us talking at ATV Today, and we think The Weakest Link is ripe for a revival. But who could host such a series, who has the stern look? Who can give cutting remarks? Who has the authority to command total control? Well for us there is one obvious answer – Kay Burley, the queen of Sky News. In a career which has also taken in working for Good Morning Britain during its TV-am years in the 1980s and Northern Life for Tyne Tees Television, Burley has become the afternoon top dog of television rolling news. If news channels were Prisoner: Cell Block H she’d have control of the steam press and would be making Huw Edwards squeal under the heat…

Kay Burley could get her wink on for a game show revival; Pictured on Sky News

Underpants are the Tops

As The Full Monty celebrates its 20th anniversary this month, the thong-dropping finale of Gaz Schofield (Robert Carlisle) and his unemployed pals has been voted the UK’s favourite movie underwear moment of all time. The red thong reveal of the unlikely troupe of strippers from Sheffield topped the poll of research, commissioned by TV streaming service NOW TV to mark National Underwear Day on Saturday 5th August.

In second place is the cringe-worthy moment Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) exposes her ‘granny pants’ to the delectable Daniel Clever (Hugh Grant) in the 2001 comedy Bridget Jones Diary, with the third spot going to the moment in 1994 when the nation watched Jamie Lee Curtis perform a saucy strip tease in slinky black underwear to Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies.

The top 10 favourite underwear film moments:

· Full Monty – Finale scene of full cast strip tease (1997) (30%)

· Bridget Jones’s Diary – ‘Granny pants’ date scene with Daniel Cleaver (2001) (26%)

· True Lies – Jamie Lee Curtis striptease (1994) (17%)

· Notting Hill – Rhys Ifans posing for the paparazzi in his underwear (1999) (16%)

· American Pie – Jason Biggs dancing in his bedroom in his white pants (1999) (16%)

· Charlie’s Angels – Cameron Diaz dancing on her bed in her pants (2000) (13%)

· Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – Mike Myers dancing in his Union Jack briefs (1997) (13%)

· Borat – posing in his Mankini (2006) (12%)

· Psycho – Janet Leigh in her iconic bra and slip combination (1960) (12%)

· Indecent Proposal – Demi Moore lying on the bed surrounded by dollar bills in her pants (1993) (11%)

The research also revealed some more personal underwear confessions from Brits, including that one in ten (10%) have re-created their very own movie underwear moment at home, a third have gone ‘commando’ (31%) and 15% have been caught out unawares by a friend or family member whilst in their underwear. 13% admitted to having been caught out in that embarrassing changing room scenario where someone pulls the curtain back, leaving you exposed in your undergarments.

11% described being left red-faced when accidentally opening the door to the postman or neighbour whilst still in their undies, and a shocking 10% of Brits came *clean* in declaring that they’ve borrowed someone else’s underwear.

“Stream some of the greatest underwear moments from the big screen with a NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass for £9.99.” – say Now TV in a blatant plug, without shoving a child into a washing machine

Highlight of the Week

Usually, its a television treat that I find a highlight, and it has to be said Paul Danan setting off the fire alarm in Celebrity Big Brother when he mistook its knob for the button that accesses the Big Brother Diary Room, came darn close to being the highlight.  Yet there was something that managed to topple that Channel 5 gem from the top spot – a quote from Liam Gallagher about U2 that simply has to be shared again.

Taking ‘offence’ that Irish music group U2 may consider themselves ‘rock and roll’, the former Oasis performer noted;

“I’m not saying you need to be snorting drugs off a dwarf’s arse, but they need to do something. Have they ever broken a pencil? Have they ever stuck a rubber up their nose? They don’t seem to do f*** all, except for take big pay cheques.”

1D Boys Heading In One Direction – Down The Aisle!

With Harry Styles reportedly dating Camille Rowe, William Hill this week opened a market on which of the One Direction boys will tie the knot first and make him 10/1 fourth favourite behind Liam at 1/2, Zayn at 3/1 and Louis at 6/1. Niall is 14/1.

“As the lads are getting older and starting families, there are a couple who are in serious relationships and no doubt we will see a couple of them tie the knot in the near future,” – William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

Which member of One Direction will get married first: 1/2 Liam; 3/1 Zayn; 6/1 Louis; 10/1 Harry; 14/1 Niall

Not so keen on the Cobbles

Claire King has departed the cobbles of Weatherfield

Claire King has spoken about quitting Coronation Street following changes to her character. The former Emmerdale actress said she didn’t like the direction Corrie were taking her onscreen persona, Erica.

“I thought Erica was such a natural character and a proper Coronation Street character. But then she started changing… She had no family, she didn’t come in with one, and she was a bit of a pinball. She changed a bit and I thought, This isn’t the character who originally started.” – Claire King on GMB

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, she noted that having left Corrie she’s not taking much of a break from performing with a panto lined up in Belfast later this year, adding she has also recorded scenes for a forthcoming movie. In other Corrie news, former Waterloo Road actor George Sampson spoke to This Morning on Wednesday about his love of the long-running Weatherfield set saga. He told the daytime show how he would love a role in the soap, having recently made a brief appearance in ITV’s fellow serial Emmerdale…

“My dream job would be to get in Coronation Street… I religiously… we literally set alarms to watch it. Like, tonight I’m in rehearsals till 6 o’clock, and it takes me an hour and a half to get back, so I’m gonna make tonight’s episode. “It’s that sad,” he laughed, before correcting himself: “It’s not sad, I love Coronation Street.”


This week it was a farewell to All Creatures Great and Small actor Robert Hardy who also went on to star in the Harry Potter movies. The 91-year-old was a well known television actor making appearances in several other productions including ATV’s Strange Report, LWT’s Upstairs Downstairs and Granada’s The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. Thames Television sitcom actor Hywel Bennett also passed away aged 73. Later roles included in EastEnders and The Bill, however, he’ll be best remembered for his part as James Shelley in the ITV comedy Shelley and The Return of Shelley.

Actress Holly Matthews’s husband Ross Blair passed away aged just 32. The hubby of the Waterloo Road star had been receiving end of life care following the discovery of an incurable brain tumour in 2014.

Kim Woodburn gives This Morning another tongue licking

The queen of clean, with a mouth that is mean. We love a bit of Kim Woodburn at ATV Today darlings, we do. It’s just the way we are. So it was a delight to behold when our favourite former Celebrity Big Brother star graced the This Morning sofa once more. After all you just don’t hear ‘chicken, livered shits’ on TV often enough. Sadly she only partly gave us that corker of a line, but it was still enough to get excitement rising in the ATV News towers…

Enjoy Kim on the ITV magazine show in the video below. And with that, I’ll leave you with an idea, which someone might want to pick up on Channel 5. Let’s say farewell to Big Brother and bring in Big Bitch. The same kind of show, but Kim Woodburn would dictate the tasks and be the voice of reason – and no doubt keep the little z-list celebrity buggers in check.

The views expressed here are by the author and are not endorsed by ATV News, ATV Network Limited or Associated Television Network Limited. © Mike Watkins 2017
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