Jack Douglas, actor in the Carry On series of films, has passed away at the age of 81.

Jack Douglas in the garden of ATV Elstee (now BBC Elstree) in the 1960s.

Carry On actor Jack Douglas has passed away at the age of 81 following several years of illness. The performer and comedian died at his home on the Isle of Wright where he lived with his partner, Vivien Howell. Jack was a regular in the latter era of Carry On films, often playing a character with a nervous twitch.

Douglas’ first Carry On was Carry On Matron in 1972 and was a relatively minor role by producer Peter Rogers and Director Gerald Thomas were so impressed with his performance they welcomed him into the “Carry On family”

Barbara Windsor (centre) with Jack Douglas (left) and Bernard Breslaw (right) in ATV series Carry On Laughing

Following his brief role in Carry On Matron the actor appeared in Carry On Abroad, Carry On Girls, Carry On Dick, Carry On Behind, Carry On England and Carry On Emmanuelle.

Emmanuelle was filmed in 1978 but performed poorly and became the last Carry On film until 1992’s Carry On Columbus in which Jack Douglas also appeared. As well as the film franchise Douglas also appeared in two Christmas specials on television and ATV’s Carry On Laughing series which ran for two seasons in the mid 70’s. Away from the comedy movie franchise and television specials the actor also appeared in The Goodies and The Benny Hill Show and worked regularly in theatre.

Jack was also a funnyman as himself turning to stand up comedy, notably on television appearing on Yorkshire TV’s Jokers Wild series in the seventies.

Stand-up comedy with Jokers Wild for ITV from Yorkshire Television in Leeds.
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