The best on the Box: Brucie, rhymes and sheds

ATV Today Editor Shaun Linden picks the best from the box for the coming week, August 19th to August 25th, in ATV Saturday.

ITV tonight (7.15pm) air another say what they see show Catchphrase as it concludes its current series. Presenter Stephen Mulhern once again takes the reins as three ordinary members of the public take on the famous Mr Chips and his state-of-the-art 3D graphic animations. The show follows the rules of the original format, which sees contestants going head to head in a bid to identify familiar phrases hidden in the animated clues.

In a twist for these STV produced episodes the pressure is more intense as one contestant, of the three, is eliminated from the competition after the first round leaving the two remaining players to battle it out to reach the final. During the course of the show the contenders must bank cash from correctly guessing the catchphrases. Trying their luck this week is Djennah, John and Tracey all hoping to get to the end to take part in the Super Catchphrase and take home up to £50,000.

Wednesday on ITVBe (8pm) Dinner Date continues. The culinary dating show where true love is sought through the love of food. In each edition one lucky person will enjoy three dinners cooked for them by each blind date. This weeks show heads to Derbyshire where Sean is hoping love will be on the menu. He begins his search for the special someone by picking three menus from the choice of five.
ITV, STV, UTV bring us Catchphrase tonight (Aug 19th) 7.15pm

BBC and its a welcome return for Len Goodman to BBC One with Len Goodman’s Partners In Rhyme. (6.45pm) Described by the beeb ‘as the fun, play-along family show all about rhyming.’ The first episode in this brand-new series sees contestants Winston and Yve joined by four celebrities hoping to help solve a range of rhyming rounds. In the first team are Strictly’s Anton du Beke and BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Dotty, and in the second team are EastEnders actress Laila Morse and comedian and radio presenter Matt Richardson.

Yve and Winston first go head to head in quick fire animated rhyming round, at the end of which the one with the most points gets first pick of the two celebrity teams, and then it’s on to three rounds; Mime the Rhyme, Rhymewatch and News At Len. The contestant with the most points after these rounds goes on to play Rhyme Against Time, where they must solve six 3-part rhymes against the clock in order to win a holiday. The losing contestant doesn’t go home empty handed though, they leave with the coveted consolation prize of a Pen from Len.

7.05pm tomorrow (Aug 20th) on BBC One sees the first in a four part series, Fake or Fortune. The establishing edition sees the team take on one of the most important cases they’ve ever faced. Can they prove that a beautiful English landscape is a work of national importance – a lost masterpiece by John Constable, and quite possibly an alternative view of his greatest work The Hay Wain. Now owned by a Gloucestershire businessman, the painting appears to have all the hallmarks of Constable’s sketches – his more impressionistic, preparatory works. If genuine, it could be worth at least £2 million.

There are few more iconic paintings in British art than Constable’s The Hay Wain. A picture with a direct link to this milestone in British art would be the holy grail for any collector or museum, and the picture appears to depict the very same scene, Willy Lott’s cottage on the banks of the river Stour. The trouble is, Constable is one of the most faked artists of the 19th century and the painting has a chequered past. Find out the results if it is indeed genuine or a hoax in Fake or Fortune tomorrow.

Thursday BBC Two (8pm) and The Pacemakers follows the fun, surprising story of a group of men, all over the age of 90, as they pursue their dream of becoming world champion athletes. For this BBC one-off, director Selah Hennessy spent a year filming with an international sub-culture of athletes as they prepare for the Olympics of OAP sport: the World Masters Championship. These are a highly competitive group of athletes, all hell bent on being champions. They’re also very determined old men battling major obstacles, from early onset dementia to terminal lung disease, in order to fulfill their ambitions. 

Its strictly Rhyme all the way for Len Goodman tonight at 6.45pm.

Best of the Rest… and this weekend Challenge TV pays their tribute to the late Sir Bruce Forsyth by changing their schedules to fit in back to back episodes of Bruce’s Price Is Right and Play Your Cards Right. In the 1990s the all round entertainer relaunched The Price Is Right, which sees audience members ‘come on down’ to guess the cost of various goods which in turn make for prizes via fun games, while with Play Your Cards Right Bruce had two runs with the show. First from 1980 to 1987 and secondly from 1994 to 2002. Challenge will be screening the later episodes of the ‘higher or lower’ card value based game. Also at 8pm Channel 5 re-screen The Bruce Forsyth Story celebrating the life and career of the all round entertainer and at 8.10pm BBC One repeat When Miranda Met Bruce which sees Brucie in conversation with Miranda Hart.


Channel 4 tonight bring us the final in the series of Child Genius. (8pm) It’s the grand final of the week-long competition to find Britain’s brightest child for 2017. Richard Osman is the quiz master as two demanding rounds stand between the five finalists and the trophy. For the opening round, the finalists are tested on degree-level specialist subjects of their choice. The specialist areas are: Edward Jenner: Medical Innovation and Methodology in the late 18th Century; Pre-Socratic Philosophy; Military Campaigns of the Yellow Turban Rebellion,184 – 205 CE; Martin Luther King Jr; and London in 1666: Society, Politics and the Urban Environment in the Year of the Great Fire. Only the two highest scorers make it through from the specialist round to a nail-biting head-to-head buzzer round, as they battle to be crowned Child Genius 2017.


7pm tomorrow night (Aug 20th) Channel 4 returns to Shed of the Year. George Clarke’s search for the very best in sheds across the land is back for 2017. George and his fellow judges visit the most eccentric shed owners across the country in search of Shed of the Year 2017. This year’s Shed Olympics kicks off with the glorious Cabins and Summerhouses category – including a mushroom-shaped shed and the #Girlshed, which is a festival of pink and turquoise, in the style of an LA pool pad. Each shed is hoping to win the public vote and book their place in the grand final. After last years’ online storm, a brand new category has been created – called Not a Shed? This category celebrates some of the 75 different varieties of shed out there and embodies the boundary-pushing passion and ingenuity that Shed of the Year is all about.


Wednesday Location, Location, Location returns at 8pm for a brand new series. This time Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer visit the Great British seaside in Kent, with two sets of buyers. Kirstie is searching for a home for a family of six, who had the perfect property but lost it due to a clerical error. Phil helps a family from London as they search for an idyllic seaside lifestyle. They need room for two teenage daughters, a pug and a cat; not to mention a collection of bikes.


Over on Sky Atlantic this Monday (Aug 21st at 2am and 9pm) Game of Thrones reaches its penultimateepisode. As Thrones fans will know, many of the show’s trademark twists and barraising spectacles have been found in the episode prior to the season finale. Last year, viewers were all on the edge of their seats as Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton faced off in the Battle of the Bastards – a contender for the finest hour of drama ever to be made for television. If that’s anything to go by, you will not want to miss what happens as season seven reaches its apex.
Nice to see him, to see him nice. Challenge TV celebrate the game show work of Bruce Forsyth with back to back episodes of The Price Is Right and Play Your Cards Right.
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