Fans of the award winning Australian drama series Cop Shop will be pleased to know that the second DVD volume of the programme has just been released in the UK. There is plenty of intrigue and suspense as we return once again to the Riverside Police Station.

The thrills and spills continue in Cop Shop Volume 2.

A warehouse robbery goes awry when an old derelict stumbles upon the scene of the crime, an elderly lady called Mrs Roberts (Queenie Ashton) finds the unfortunate gentleman in her garage and fears that he has been the victim of a black mass ritual. Elsewhere a mad bomber with a grudge against purple Mini’s sets about exploding as many of the vehicles as he can using gelignite, unfortunately for Tom Perry (Tom Richards), this madman’s actions could lead to his entire family being wiped out. In another part of town a gang of criminals who are impersonating police officers begin making raids on massage parlours in order to close down rival knocking shops. Detective Danni Francis (Paula Duncan) has serious concerns about a fifteen year old girl who has been sold into a white slave prostitution racket by her debt laden father. This desperate man then makes attempts to sell his younger daughter into the same vile profession.

Senior Detective Don McKenna (Tony Bonner) continues to have problems with his estranged wife Carol (Louise Pajo) when she sets her sights on his superior officer’s wealthy father-in-law. They say that there is no fool like an old fool and Edmund Eliot-Smith (Walter Sullivan) falls for this gold-diggers charms. Carol is a lady who intends to have her cake and eat it; she proceeds to play around with a younger man behind his back. This won’t be Don’s concern for much longer; he dies a hero after being gunned down in the line of duty.

Right: Blue Hills star Queenie Ashton plays a lonely old lady who is known for wasting police time. Left: Tom Richards from Matlock Police and Sons & Daughters appears in Cop Shop playing a man whose family is at risk from a maniac who hates purple Mini’s.

Edmund Eliot-Smith has other problems to face when a scheming girl threatens to tell a pack of lies about him molesting her. To top it all his long-lost son Ted (Peter Stratford) comes out of the woodwork, meaning that Pamela (Rowena Wallace) has to be told that she has a half-brother she never knew existed. Despite outward appearances Ted is on his uppers and is a complete fraud, he is in serious debt to a man in Hong Kong, and turns to an Australian loan shark for some ready cash. Unfortunately this liaison with lead him into industrial espionage, he will be forced to betray his family and will see his life spiral out of control.

Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) joins the squad and becomes too emotionally involved with a case in which a Greek church is desecrated, his questioning of a suspect who has a hang up about New Australian’s from Greece gets way out of hand. As we get to know Mike we learn that he has some difficult family issues to overcome with his father intent on forcing him into an arranged marriage with a girl he has never even met.

Right: Is this the end of the line for Senior Detective Don McKenna (Tony Bonner)? Left: Edmund Eliot-Smith (Walter Sullivan) faces countless problems in Cop Shop.

Detective Jeff ‘JJ’ Johnson (Peter Adams) proposes to former stripper Valerie Close (Joanna Lockwood) to try and stop her from taking up a lucrative job offer overseas, but when a flighty young floozy tries to come between them things get way out of hand. A distraught Valerie takes a massive overdose which leaves her in a coma and facing the possibility of permanent brain damage. Despite the odds Valerie and Jeff will finally make it down the aisle.

We learn more about the private life of Senior Sergeant Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris); it transpires that he has a daughter called Claire (Louise Phillips) who has been hidden away from the world since she was left a cripple after contracting polio as a child. The girl has become a recluse and urgently needs help, but matters are complicated further by her overly protective mother Marion (Gerda Nicholson). Claire can’t believe her luck when Constable Tony Benjamin (Gregory Ross) shows her some kindness but she reads too much into the situation and when his former fiancé arrives back on the scene she’ll be in for a fall. Jill (Linda Newton) had called off her engagement to Tony after facing up to the grim realities of being a coppers wife, now she’s had a change of heart, but painful events from her past have left Jill incapable of having a physical relationship with a man.

Left: Ted Eliot-Smith (Peter Stratford) finds himself in the grip of a loan shark. Right: Pamela Taylor (played by Rowena Wallace from Sons & Daughters) learns that she has a half-brother.

The action doesn’t stop there. Two prisoners escape whilst working on a chain gang, one of the men is a convicted prostitute killer, and when another streetwalker is brutally stabbed to death it appears that he has gone back to his old ways. A kidnapping, a murder and a missing girl result in the squad investigating a sinister adoption racket which preys on pregnant underage girls. A foreign diplomat is burgled and bashed leading the police into a complex web of political intrigue, stolen art and will see Detective Georgiou falling for the ambassador’s daughter whilst courting her as part of an undercover operation.

A boxer who treats those around him like scum is bashed putting his chances of winning a title fight in jeopardy, and when an unscrupulous loan shark called Charles Carter (Ian Smith) is deliberately killed in a hit and run the list of suspects escalates to epic proportions.

Left: Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) is being forced into an arranged marriage by his Greek father. Right: Valerie Close (Joanna Lockwood) attempts suicide when a floozy comes between her and her man.

Senior Detective Sergeant Glenn Taylor (George Mallaby) finds himself on the trail of an international counterfeiting syndicate, a gang of cunning cat burglars target the homes of the wealthy East Riverside set, and things really hot up when the crusading Superintendent Keith York (Charles Tingwell) vows to clamp down on the filth and perversion in the bordellos and massage parlours of the district. The problem is that York, who prides himself on being an upstanding member of the community, has secrets of his own, and powerful underworld gangsters intend to out him as a closet homosexual using a stolen file from his psychiatrist’s office. A nasty case of blackmail will result with the biggest operator of prostitution rackets in the USA planning to take control of the Australian massage parlour business.

A clairvoyant and faith healer with the third eye called Jason Knight (Shane Porteous) is accused of sexual assault but then finds himself involved in the search for a chronically diabetic girl who has gone missing. When the same clairvoyant predicts the end of the world he creates havoc and opens the door to murder and a payroll heist committed by two hapless criminals. Across town a safe cracker is released from jail in the hope that he will lead the police to a gang of bogus council workers who have been carrying out daring daylight burglaries, unfortunately becoming a fizz (a police informant) will put this crim in deadly danger.

Right: Detective Jeff Johnson (Peter Adams) and former exotic dancer Valerie Close (Joanna Lockwood) finally make it down the aisle. Left: The skeletons start tumbling out of Eric O’Reilly’s (Terry Norris) closet.

A host of other familiar faces appear in this box set including Lisa Aldenhoven from The Young Doctors; Maurie Fields from The Flying Doctors; Nick Waters from The Sullivans; Roger Oakley from Home & Away; Leila Hayes and Sean Scully from Sons & Daughters; Brian Wenzel from A Country Practice; Anne Charleston, Terence Donovan, and Moya O’Sullivan from Neighbours; and fans of Prisoner: Cell Block H will spot Sheila Florance, Elspeth Ballantyne, Gerard Maguire, Collette Mann, Lorna Lesley, and Jacqui Gordon. Also cropping up during the police investigations are Amber Mae Cecil, Bill Hunter and Mary Ward (from the BBC Radio serial Mrs Dale’s Diary).

UK based Cop Shop fans can order volume 2 and a wealth of other Australian television classics exclusively from Eaton Films. If you are located in Australasia you can purchase your copy from Crawford DVD. If you are based anywhere else in the world you can place your order by emailing Eaton Films for shipping details.

Right: Glenn Taylor (George Mallaby) has another rotten crim in his sights but begins to doubt that he has a future in the police force. Left: Charles Tingwell (from Homicide) plays Superintendent Keith York. Powerful knocking shop owners threaten to out York as a closet homosexual.

You’ll be hooked by the romance, intrigue and suspense in Cop Shop Volume 2. All photographs copyright Eaton Films/Crawford Productions/WIN Corporation.

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