Peter Capaldi unlikey to return to Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi has spoken about making guest re-appearances in Doctor Who once he’s departed, and its looking unlikely viewers will be seeing his incarnation any time soon.

Peter will be seen for the final time this Christmas as The Doctor.

Speaking at the San Francisco Comic Con 2017, The Radio Times reported, the Twelfth Doctor is keen to distance himself from the part once he’s hung up his time traveling costume.

Capaldi noted he isn’t fond of previous Doctor Who plots that have seen former leading actors reprise their role with the programme to appear side-by-side with the current Doctor. There has been a number of multi-doctor stories produced by the long running beeb series over the years, with the latest union airing in July this year which saw ‘the first doctor’ meet Capaldi’s incarnation, however without the previous actor.

Originally played by the late William Hartnell, who died in 1975, the 2017 episode saw David Bradley take on the role, which he will continue in for the forthcoming festive special. It isn’t the first time the founding doctor has been recast, in 1983 Richard Hurndall portrayed The Doctor for The Five Doctors special.

The beeb revealed back in July that the science fiction family drama will welcome the first female lead timelord for the next series, with Broadchurch actress Jodie Whittaker cast as the thirteenth doctor.

“I think when you should go, you should go. Even when I was a kid I believed he was this weird and wonderful thing [The Doctor], so if he kept showing up all the time in Big Finish or in multi Doctor stories he was more available.”

Doctor Who returns to BBC One as part of their Christmas schedules.

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