The long-serving soap actress has been taken ill.

The 77-year-old former heavy smoker suffers from emphysema and has reportedly been admitted to a Manchester hospital ‘in a bad way’ with fluid on the lungs and chest pains.

“She’s been in and out of hospital quite a few times in the last few years and normally the family are quite upbeat, but this time they seem more concerned.


“She’s not in a good way and her loved ones are obviously very worried.” – A source told The Sun on Sunday

Liz played Weatherfield icon Vera Duckworth between 1974-2008, with a special one-off appearance in 2010. The actress decided to retire from performing in 2007 due to the incurable lung disease emphysema making life on set difficult.

Vera was killed off in 2008, but returned as ‘a ghost’ in 2010 when screen husband Jack – played by the late Bill Tarmey – was also sent to soap opera heaven.

Liz, who has been wheelchair-bound in recent years suffered a heart-attack in 2013 and had to have a pacemaker fitted. She was also reported to have had heart-related surgery earlier this year forcing her to miss her grandson’s wedding.

“It was a shock… I thought I was on my way out you know. I thought ‘that’s it’ because I’d had lung trouble for twenty years really so when they said I’d had a heart attack I thought ‘oh my God’…


“And then when I went to have the operation, I was terrified. I was frightened to death…. I never thought I’d have heart trouble, but thank God I went to hospital and the surgeon was fantastic and I thought I must tell people ‘that’s its not that bad’…” – Liz Dawn speaking in 2013 about her heart attack and having a pacemaker fitted

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