Start of the week telly highlights for September 18th with ATV Today Editor Doug Lambert.

Rellik, BBC One, 9pm

Gabriel comes face to face with the prime suspect in the serial murders, but his deep and personal connection to the case could see him jeopardising his career.

As a dangerous game of cat and mouse ramps up to a shocking climax, Gabriel begins to lose control.

Meanwhile Elaine is battling her own demons, as she deals with a close bereavement which draws her away from the case – just as other personal relationships within the team are pushed to breaking point.

Gabriel’s secret is further exposed, and the source of the exposure is revealed to be surprisingly close to home – but what is the darker secret lurking at the heart of his family?

As events spiral out of his control and Gabriel becomes ever more desperate, all signs point to a familiar face as the culprit. Will Gabriel manage to hold himself together for long enough to crack the case?

Raploch: Where Are They Now?, BBC One Scotland, 9pm

In 2002 filmmakers Douglas Campbell Alistair Scott spent a year in the Raploch Estate on the outskirts of Stirling, producing a series of six half hour documentaries which chronicled the lives of a number of residents.
At the time the area had a tough reputation and the series focused mainly on children and young people who were trying to build a future for themselves, often in challenging circumstances. The documentary makers went back five years later to see how they were doing and now 15 years after the original visit they have returned to hear how time has treated Raploch’s residents.

Letters From Baghdad, BBC Four, 9pm

Using never-seen-before footage of the region, the film chronicles the extraordinary and dramatic story of Gertrude Bell – in her day, the most powerful woman in the British Empire. She shaped the modern Middle East after World War I in ways that still reverberate today. More influential than her friend and colleague Lawrence of Arabia, Bell helped draw the borders of Iraq and established the Iraq Museum.

With unique access to documents from the Iraq National Library and Archive and Gertrude Bell’s own 1,600 letters, the story is told entirely in the words of the players of the day.

Liar, ITV, STV and UTV, 9pm

The six part drama staring Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd,continues. Schoolteacher Laura Neilson (Froggatt) we saw last week had just split up from her police officer boyfriend Tom when she bumps into widower Andrew Earlham (Froggatt).

In the second episode, Andrew is at work when he gets a phone call from his son Luke (Jamie
Flatters). Laura’s social media post is everywhere and Luke has seen it. Laura’s post also draws some unwanted attention and she receives a threatening text from a mystery number.

As the truth of who sent the text begins to dawn on Laura, she realises her hidden past may be about to resurface. Feeling afraid and desperate, Laura resorts to some extreme measures to prove Andrew’s guilt.

The Chase, ITV, STV and UTV, 5pm

Bradley Walsh presents as four more contestants pit their wits against ruthless quiz genius the Chaser in the hope of winning a potential prize pot worth thousands of pounds.

Diane, Jonathon, Helen and Peter must work as a team and play strategically to answer general knowledge questions against the clock and race down the game board to the final head to head with the know-it-all without being caught otherwise its goodbye to all the cash prize they’ve collectively gathered.

Countrywise: Guide to Britain, ITV, STV and UTV 8pm

Stuck between the two episodes of Coronation Street tonight is Countrywise, which takes us to interesting locations across the UK.

Liz Bonnin visits the tiny island of Lunga off the south-west coast of Scotland for an encounter with a colony of Atlantic Puffins, while Ben Fogle travels to Devon to the cowboys who drive their cattle across the tough terrain of Dartmoor each year the old fashioned way. Plus, a trip to Dorset with musician and actor Martin Kemp for a crabbing excursion with the local fishermen and a trip down memory lane.

The Chase is on, tonight at 5pm on ITV, UTV and STV.

Paddington Station, Channel 5, 9pm

It is the height of summer in the capital, and as the mercury soars outside, tensions rise inside Paddington station. Commuters travelling to work face delays caused by a broken down train outside of central London.

As the temperature hits the highest level in 40 years, the situation worsens. In severe heat, the tracks can expand and with very real fears of them buckling, it falls to the team in Network Rail’s Swindon control centre to manage the situation.

Over a hundred miles west, the heat is also wreaking havoc in Bristol Temple Meads, and station manager Liam must shut off platforms after discovering that the cement on the ground has expanded and warped.

It is not just the great British weather which can cause disruption. When reports come in of two trespassers on the line in Bristol, the British Transport Police are quick to respond.

First Dates, Channel 4, 10pm

The First Dates restaurant re-opens its doors for a new term of love. Maître d’ Fred helps calm the single souls who are nervously hoping to find their special one.

Political activist Lettie, who’s 23, is looking for her intellectual equal. But, despite being clued-up on politics, she’s clueless on love. Her date is 26-year-old Cambridge graduate Fred. Octogenarian Doreen isn’t ready to give up on love and wants a man to keep her on her toes. She meets 86-year-old author James, who’s ready to write the next chapter of his love life. Stockbroker Pearse, who’s 24, may be financially savvy, but when it comes to love the numbers don’t add up. His date is 27-year-old teaching assistant Liberty, who’s looking for a man who can handle her ‘right amount of crazy’.

And 41-year-old physiotherapist Abby is ready to get her hands on the man of her dreams. Her date is 47-year-old single dad Adam, a self-proclaimed ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy searching for a lady who’ll help him see the glass more full. Their date gets off to an eventful start as Abby’s nerves get the better of her.

Miss Sloane, Sky Store, from today

Jessica Chastain delivers a typically powerful central performance in this murky political thriller, starring as a cutthroat Washington lobbyist, Elizabeth Sloane, whose career is everything.

She’s also addicted to winning, so it comes as something of a surprise when she rejects a slam-dunk gig for a pro-gun group and instead throws her weight behind the un-backed opposition.

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