Thursday telly highlights for September 21st with ATV Today Editor Doug Lambert.

Ambulance, BBC One, 9pm

The fifth episode sees the air ambulance dispatched to a woman who has fallen downstairs and is struggling to breathe.

On the trauma desk, Critical Care Paramedic Fay receives a call from a crew requesting the Air Ambulance attend a road accident, but with the only available helicopter on their way to the first patient, Fay faces a tough decision.

In Staffordshire, grandmothers Helen and Julie (pictured L-R) have just started their 12-hour shift. They’re sent to a teenager who has been punched, and on their way to hospital they discover that he’s homeless.

With many other services closed overnight, the work of a paramedic is increasingly about more than dealing with medical emergencies. When Helen and Julie spot the teenager on the street later in their shift, they try to get him some help from a shelter.

While crew Ben and Sophie attend an elderly woman who has pressed her emergency button, reports of a hanging comes in to the control centre. Two crews and the specialist Merit team are dispatched, but with no sign of a patient, the staff in the control room must decide if the call is a hoax or not.

As the shift enters the early hours, Ben and Sophie are just finishing with a patient when a call comes in from a terrified mum who’s toddler is fitting. With the closest available crew over 18 minutes away, Ben and Sophie volunteer.

As the pubs and bars empty, 999 calls begin to pour in and Helen and Julie are sent to a suicidal woman who’s far from home and in desperate need of their help.

Tribes, Predators & Me, BBC Two, 9pm

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan journeys across Ethiopia to try to understand the true nature of Africa’s loathed and feared hyenas in this the final episode of the series.

Weighing up to 90 kilos and capable of killing lions, these are impressive and powerful carnivores. But why does Ethiopia have more hyenas than anywhere else in the world? Starting his journey in the capital he learns that hyenas are tolerated here because people believe hyenas ward off the devil.

Travelling to the remote Omo Valley to meet a cattle-herding people called the Bodi, Gordon finds the attitudes here are starkly different, with local people destroying hyena dens in retaliation for attacks on their livestock. 

In an effort to ward of hyena, Gordon dares to sleep outside overnight. He also gets to know the Bodi people, learning how they survive.

Sex Map of Britain: A Career In Porn, BBC Three from today

Ella Hughes and Chessie Kay are rising stars in the UK porn industry.

But why have they chosen to make money this way, what is the reaction of their family and friends, and how does the reality compare to the manufactured fantasy they are creating for their clients? BBC Three hears them explain why they have opted to carve a business out of their bodies.

In this thought provoking new five-part series, BBC Three plots a course around the UK to meet those for who sex, sexuality and having children is less than straightforward. From the couples searching online for their perfect sperm donor, to the transgender escorts grappling with their own identities and relationships, and the comings and goings of a busy sexual health clinic. Sex Map Of Britain is an unflinching exploration of the highly personal stories about sex and sexuality that people across the country have to tell.

Bromans, ITV2, 9pm

Eight modern-day lads are thrown back in time to see if they can cut it as Roman Gladiators, as the reality show continues.

In this episode, there are some new arrivals in ancient Rome. In an attempt to avoid being banished, the couples battle it out in the cesspit. All roads lead to home for one more couple, as the remaining citizens take another step towards the Emperor’s games.

Celebrity Juice, ITV2, 10pm

Keith Lemon and the comedy panel show remains one of the most popular programmes on the channel, with big name celebrities continuing to appear despite Keith’s reputation for humiliating his guests, putting them in sticky situations and just generally being rather obnoxious!

Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton are the team captains and this week the star guests are pop songstress Mollie King, comic Jimmy Carr and the hilarious Paddy McGuiness. What does Keith have in store for his special panellists tonight?

Safe House, ITV, STV , UTV, 9pm

Stephen Moyer stars as ex-police officer Tom alongside Zoe Tapper who plays his partner Sam, as the second series of the crime drama continues. When Tom was on the force he was responsible for putting away a killer called the Crow, but he does not believe they have the right man in prison.

When a woman named Julie Delaney is abducted, he is convinced the Crow is back. As Julie’s partner John and daughter Dani are thought to be in danger, Tom and Sam offer their home as a safe house.

In this episode, Tom makes a breakthrough in the case. He manages to link estate agent Roger Lane to a number of the locations related to the Crow abductions. Lane is arrested and when Jane grills him the circumstantial evidence is telling. Not only is he associated with a number of crime scenes but Simon Duke picks Lane out of an ID parade.

It transpires that Simon has worked for Lane in the past, photographing properties. Despite the links to the Crow, Jane cannot find any hard evidence and is forced to release Lane – much to her and Tom’s frustration. The situation gets worse when Lane manages to slip away from Vedder, who is supposed to be watching him. It appears that the Crow is now at large.

Celebrity Juice with Keith Lemon, tonight at 10pm on ITV2

Tour Championship ends PGA Tour, Sky Sports Golf, 6.30pm

The 2017 PGA Tour concludes at the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, as the top 30 players in the world compete for the Tour Championship.

The past three tournaments of the FedEx Cup have whittled the field here down to just the very best players, so expect golf of the highest order.

The small size of the field means there is no cut, and with the prestige of victory and a generous prize fund up for grabs, there will be no slowing down here for the game’s greatest players.

It is no exaggeration to say that any of the field could win here, such is the parity of golf – particularly in the post-prime Tiger era.

Superstars like Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth are the most recent champions, but the likes of Billy Horschel, Bill Haas and Camilo Villegas have all won here too.

A brilliant week of golf comes to its conclusion stateside south this afternoon on Sky Sports Golf from 6.30pm.

The Russell Howard Hour, Sky 1, 10pm

Introducing a topical comedy and entertainment show, brand new from Sky 1. Fresh off the back of his biggest ever international tour, Russell Howard comes to Sky 1 with a new show that offers his unique take on the week’s news and current affairs.

Over 14 episodes, he’ll be picking through the biggest UK and international stories, and offering a wise and wordly view on the globe’s news. Along the way, he’ll welcome celebrity guests and leading experts, as well as hear from fledgling global correspondents. Plus, there will be stand-up, too, as Russell showcases some of the comedy scene’s finest and most exciting stars

The Supervet, Channel 4, 8pm

A new run of episodes starts with a dramatic emergency when a Staffordshire bull terrier called Lulu is hit by a car and her pelvis is smashed in more than 25 pieces. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s only option is to pin the larger pieces back together in an operation that will require all his expertise.

A giant schnauzer called Florence has lost her tail wag with a sore knee. And a pointy-eared Jack Russell called Muffin has a mysterious problem with her back legs.

Sky 1 joins Russell Howard for an hour, tonight at 10pm
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