Wednesday telly highlights for September 27th with ATV Today Editor Doug Lambert.

The Pact, BBC Two, 10pm

Two teenaged friends make a pact. If they’re both still single when they’re 35, they’ll marry each other. Amy doesn’t think it’ll ever happen. Andy, who’s secretly in love with Amy, desperately hopes that it will.

Twenty years later, Amy and Andy have drifted apart. Andy is divorced with a four year-old son, but in a new relationship with a woman named Kelly. Amy, meanwhile, has managed to avoid growing up entirely. She lives in a flat-share, works behind a bar, and her relationships never seem to go beyond drunken one night stands.

When Andy and Amy bump into each other again, it’s life-changing for both of them. Face to face with their pasts, they’re forced to reconsider their futures. Is it time for Amy to take responsibility for her life? Should Andy throw caution to the wind and pursue his childhood crush? Needless to say, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Test Match Bowls Live: England v Wales, ITV4 today and tomorrow from 10am

Rishi Persad presents coverage from the England v Wales mixed Test Match at Bristol Indoor Bowls Club. He is joined by Paul Coleman and John Price. The International Test Match Series is the highlight of the team level World Bowls events, and this match is unique as you have men competing against women – bowls is one of the few sports where this happens.

The competitors play in teams consisting of three women and three men. The team compete in triples, pairs and singles in a Ryder Cup format where each tie gives one point towards the total score over the best of 11 format. Wales currently lead England in the head-to-heads by two series to one, having won the 2016 event. For the following two weeks, the series head to New Earswick Indoor Bowls Club in York. The first match in York will see the top two countries in World Bowls go head to head, with the Women’s Test Match between England v Scotland, which last year gave England their head-to-head lead of 3-1.

This is followed by the Men’s Test Match, which last year saw one of the greatest matches in history as Scotland’s top two players Alex Marshall MBE and Paul Foster MBE assisted their team in securing victory.

Back, Channel 4, 10pm

The new comedy series starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb continues. Stephen (Mitchell) and Andrew (Webb) are on a road trip to visit the pub’s suppliers and spread the news of Laurie’s death. Andrew tries to help Stephen along the way with getting over his ex-wife, clarifying a memory from their childhood and making shocking revelations that Stephen’s parents’ marriage wasn’t all that it appeared to be.

Back home Ellen gets a little bit too hands on with the church’s drug outreach programme and Cass starts selling her stuff to raise funds to go travelling. Geoff has been left in charge of running the John Barleycorn and brings back a taste of the 1970s – smoking, cheese and pickle rolls and a collection for the lifeboat men.

Dogs: An Amazing Animal Family: Series One, from today on Sky Box Sets

Patrick Aryee embarks on an extraordinary global journey through the canine family tree as he reveals the surprising history of dogs and our pets’ weird and wonderful relatives, from tree-climbing foxes to jungle dogs that hunt underwater.

Patrick Aryee, a regular on Sky 1, seen here on his monkey series.

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