Natalie J. Robb has spoken about the latest dramas down in Emmerdale.

In tonight’s (3rd October) episode of the ITV soap, the actress’s character Moira Barton gave birth after being rescued from a fire by Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney).

At first it looked as though Emma was about to let Moira perish in the barn where a showdown between the two had led to the fire. However, Moira’s repeated claims to be in labour with her son Pete’s baby galvanised Emma, who helped her nemesis to safety before delivering her baby against the backdrop of the flame-engulfed barn.

Moira lost consciousness shortly after the baby was born, but Emma was forced to flee the scene when a wrathful Adam (Adam Thomas) arrived and concluded that she’d hurt his mum. Moira was last seen being tended to by paramedics. Below Natalie, who has played the popular character since 2009, talks about the soap’s latest dramatic scenes.

Moira discovered Emma killed James [before the fight]. How has that made Moira feel? Has it registered with her?

“Moira barely had time to register Emma’s revelation as minutes later they were both engulfed in flames. But I think she was shocked to hear it.. I think Emma’s behaviour makes sense now she knows what she’s been hiding.”

Moira is pregnant – you kept that quiet. Did she even know?

“No.. Moira had no idea she was pregnant. So when she went into labour in the barn it was the first hint. On reflection she has recently felt tired but that was her only true symptom.

“I expect, people won’t probably believe that she had no symptoms but when I was doing research I was in contact with a really lovely lady called Caroline who suddenly went into a surprise labour much like Moira. It was fascinating for me to talk to her as she really helped me understand how Moira will potentially feel after this shock birth.”

Moira has been tired for ages.. When did you find out she would be pregnant or did you know from last Christmas when she slept with both Pete and Cain in the same week?

“I knew for definite around four months ago. But the story team had cooked it up last year but it was set into proper script/story document form later. It was always the plan.”

Does Moira believe that Pete’s the daddy?

“I think she just said that to get Emma to rescue her.. It was the only way to stop her shutting her in the barn to die. I think Moira is unsure whose it is…Cain’s or Pete’s.”

How did you prepare to act the birth scene, the contractions etc (given you’re not a mum yourself)?

“We had a midwife and nurse on set to help. Because Moira was asphyxiated from all the smoke she couldn’t scream or cry with the pain. It was good to have someone on hand to give guidance. But it was not your typical birth – a wall of fire and flames and choking from smoke inhalation!”

Do you think Moira is going to make it through or is she going to die from giving birth?

“You will have to wait and see but she’s pretty poorly and has lost a lot of blood and [there’s been] a lot of complications.”

How do you think having a baby is going to affect what is to come for Moira?

“It is absolutely life changing.”

Fans will have to stay tuned to see what is next for Moira and to find out the outcome will be for her nephew Finn (Joe Gill) who has been shot by his mum.

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7.00pm on ITV/STV/UTV

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