The beeb are launching a podcast series as part of the Tomorrow’s World season.

“We love science and think young adults do too. Podcasts are a popular, easy way to let people dive into surprising ideas and challenge themselves, whether that’s on the bus in the morning or before bed at night.” – Chris Sizemore, Commissioning Editor for digital, Tomorrow’s World

This science and technology podcast delves into the most urgent questions the world is currently facing, the beeb note, and uses cutting-edge science to explore how we may live our lives in the future – and how we can help shape that future through the decisions we make now.

Over twelve weeks, from today, (Oct 12th) new presenters Britt Wray and Dr Ellie Cosgrave will take science out of the lab and into people’s homes through exciting debate and expert opinion. Cutting-edge inventors, scientists and leading experts from the likes of NASA, The Francis Crick Institute, and many others, will provide captivating insight into the latest scientific and technological developments, helping us understand just how science is changing our lives.

The podcast investigates how science can help us solve issues including ‘Should robots have human rights?’, ‘How would we combat even more aggressive and unknown outbreaks of disease that could be imminent?’ and ‘What does the future of the internet look like? And to what extent could the world around us be a simulated reality?’

The Tomorrow’s World podcast are available from, BBC iPlayer Radio, iTunes, YouTube, or your regular podcast provider.

Tomorrow’s World is a season of science and technology programming, created in partnership between Science Museum Group, Wellcome, The Open University, the Royal Society, and the BBC. The season takes science out of the lab and into people’s homes, as we explore how science is changing people’s lives, reshaping the world, and rewriting the future.

The campaign connects audiences with the brightest minds and institutions in science and technology, producing more than 40 hours of television, a range of programmes across the BBC’s radio networks, a podcast, and a series of interactive science experiments.

“Our Tomorrow’s World podcast combines mind-blowing science, the charisma, rapport, and expertise of fresh presenters Ellie Cosgrave and Britt Wray, and immersive, high-end sound design – giving listeners a sense of what the future might sound like.” – Chris Sizemore, Commissioning Editor for digital, Tomorrow’s World

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