Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison reunited for Vintage Roads

More4 head down some Vintage Roads in a production described as a ‘history and travelogue series‘.

One of Britain’s most popular television double acts, Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison, famed for their role in All Creatures Great and Small are once again going back to the 1930s but this time to relive the Golden Age of Motoring.

Getting behind the wheel of a Morgan 4/4 – the world’s oldest production car – and sticking two fingers up to sat navs, they set out on a series of journeys along Britain’s most beautiful vintage roads.

Taking inspiration from old travel guides of the day and meeting up with passionate petrol heads keeping our motoring heritage alive, they experience the thrills of the era when Britain first fell in love with the motor car and when the open road led to adventure and exploration.

Their series of epic road trips takes them through some of the most stunning scenery in the UK – from London to Land’s End, from Loch Ness to The Isle of Skye and from Cardiff to Snowdonia.

Along the way they roll up their sleeves and get hands-on with some of the world’s rarest vintage vehicles, including a 1900 Georges Richard, an Arrol-Johnston Dog Cart and a 1934 ERF Lorry.

They get under the hood of a rare 1931 Armstrong-Siddeley, hitch a lift to the top of the world’s largest slate mine and get let loose in a 1948 Land Rover on the very beach where this British icon was first designed and tested.

A broadcast date for the three part series has yet to be scheduled.

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