Britain’s first ever panel show about the monarchy ‘A Right Royal Quiz’ is being made by Shiver for ITV.

“Think you know all about our Queen and her family? Well join us for A Right Royal Quiz and test your knowledge in this fun and affectionate game show for all the family.” – Fern Britton

Former This Morning and Ready Steady Cook host Fern Britton is to take charge of the quiz which ITV describe as ‘a celebratory and affectionate look at the Royals and the country’s obsession with them.’

Two Royal-loving celebrity teams will be pitted against each other to discover what they know about this revered British institution.

Across a series of fun and entertaining rounds, the panellists will be tested on topics such as Prince Philip’s pet names for the Queen, which game the Windsors are banned from playing at home, and who in the Royal family can breakdance.

Get out your flags, practice ‘God Save the Queen’ and prepare for the ultimate right Royal knees up! – ITV

Helping the teams during the quiz will be a selection of Royal aficionados – such as long-time beeb royal correspondent Jennie Bond – and self-confessed super fans. ITV promise viewers there will be also plenty of entertaining and interesting facts as well as hilarious offbeat insights into the nation’s favourite family.

“In these turbulent times, the one constant we have is the Royal family – we’ve grown up with them. A Right Royal Quiz will test our knowledge and memory of Britain’s best-loved family” – ITV commissioner Asif Zubairy

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