Netflix has announced the cast of its Korean original series, Kingdom.

Top Korean stars including Ji-Hoon Ju, Seung-Ryong Ryu, Sang-Ho Kim, and Seong-Kyu Kim will take part in the upcoming six part series based in the medieval Korean Joseon era.

Kingdom is the upcoming Korean-based, and produced, drama that features a crown prince of Joseon taking on a suicide mission to research the outbreaks threatening the entire kingdom. The internet streaming service are confident, they say, the saga will run for ‘multiple seasons’ as Netflix teams up with Korea’s top writer Eun-Hee Kim for the drama production. Astory, successful for its tvN hit Signal, will be responsible for the production of this pre-produced series.

Noticed for his shining performance in Asura: The City of Madness, Ji-Hoon Ju will take on the role of the crown prince “Lee Chang” who is pushed to the edge of dethronement and faces the brutal truth during his mission to find out the reasons for outbreak in his kingdom.

Seung-Ryong Ryu joins as the role of Joseon’s prime minister “Jo Hak-Ju” who reigns more powerful than the king and creates tension in the evil scheme to take over the kingdom. Sang-Ho Kim, who plays “Moo-Young” will be the royal warrior to the crown prince while Seong-Kyu Kim will be the first one to discover the outbreaks within the kingdom as “Young-Shin.”

“The cast and crew recently gathered to do the read through session of the script and the traditional gosa ceremony before the first shoot of Kingdom, where everyone gathers to wish good luck before the first shoot of any production in Korea. Main character Ji-Hoon Ju’s shooting began from yesterday as the main role of crown prince.” – Netflix

Kingdom will be available exclusively on Netflix globally in over 190 countries in early 2018.

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