Doug Lambert, ATV Today Editor, picks his telly highlights for Thursday, November 30th.

The History of Comedy, Sky Arts, 9pm

From the earliest days of the court jester, comedians have been joking about politics and political leaders. Today is no different, as many comedians can’t resist finding the humour in the subject.

The final episode of the series the documentary examines the many different ways that comedy has lampooned – and influenced – politics over the years and pays tribute to the best political cartoons, impressions and sketches that were incredibly funny, and perhaps even changed a few minds.

Three Days to Live: Kelsey Smith, 9pm, Pick TV

Pick’s new and exclusive true-crime series continues with the shocking and seemingly unexplainable case of an 18-year-old girl who goes missing in broad daylight. When popular high school teen Kelsey Smith disappears while shopping, the cops swing into fast action.

This is no ordinary missing persons case – Kelsey Smith’s father is a police officer and he knows something is seriously wrong. When they find her car, they believe she might be hurt – or worse – in the boot. She’s not there… but her purse is. Now statistics say the cops have just three days to work out what has happened to Kelsey before her chances of being found safely drop ominously.

Blitz: The Bombs that Changed Britain, BBC Two, 9pm

Episode two explores the ramifications of a bomb that fell on 6th Avenue in the port city of Hull, flattening two houses and changing the lives of two families forever. The Taylors lost baby Peter and 14 year-old Vera was very badly burned. Her sisters Doreen and Tina remember that terrible night and it’s the first time they’ve talked about the trauma they endured.

Next door, Mrs Owens had put three of her children under the stairs for safety, but they didn’t survive. Their sister Janet (pictured), who was born after the war, didn’t know about their existence until she was in her 20s – her father was so traumatised that he refused to discuss anything to do with the blitz. It means she has a lot of unanswered questions – until now, when she meets Doreen and Tina and learns that her siblings were buried with baby Peter.

Trump: An American Dream, Channel 4, 9pm

The concluding part of the documentary charts Donald Trump’s life from the turn of the millennium, when he was still overspending and still the punchline to many a joke.

He eventually reined in his playboy lifestyle and returned to the public eye with his hit TV show The Apprentice. But his political ambitions would have to wait several years. However, when he did finally take the ultimate prize, would anyone still be amused? Last in the series.

I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Outta Here!, ITV, UTV and STV, 9pm

In a nation of so called animal lovers, its the one time of the year where we enjoy watching critters and creatures suffer at the hands of Z-list celebrities and those who are seemingly famous for something – but no one really knows why. Yes I’m a Celeb is back, the entertainment racked up with the star bullying as the public vote who they utterly despise; gifting these unpopular celebrities trials such as eating Kangaroo nuts and Rinos’ anus or the like.

Anyway, Ant and Dec are here with the entertainment show again to deliver what has happened in the last 24 hours down under.

The History of Comedy turns its attention to politics tonight on Sky Arts, 9pm

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