Game of Thrones most ‘binge-able’ box set

New research reveals the UK’s favourite ‘binge-able’ box set of all time is fantasy favourite Game of Thrones.

Sky promotion for Game of Thrones UK 2017 screening.

“Over the last few years there has been radical change in how people watch TV and their favourite programmes. Whether through box sets or streaming, we all have an opportunity to watch whatever content we want at a time that’s convenient for us.” Steve Mitchell, Head of TV Product Management at Samsung UK.

A recent survey by an electronics company has found the UK’s favourite telly series to ‘binge’ on. Taking the top spot is HBO’s Game of Thrones (19%), which airs on Sky Atlantic. The drama series beat off competition from the likes of Breaking Bad (13%), Desperate Housewives (3%), Mad Men (3%) and Sex and the City (7%).

With Brits claiming to watch more boxsets than ever, it’s no wonder Game of Thrones was also voted the most hotly anticipated TV returns, followed by Sherlock and Line of Duty

Viewers can’t wait for the return to BBC One of Sherlock.

And it’s not just what we’re watching, but how we’re watching that has evolved. 44% of those surveyed say they now prefer to watch TV ‘on demand’ whilst 21% of those surveyed revealed they like to watch their favourite shows over and over again, contributing to the rise of the TV box sets.

“Viewing habits are of key importance to Samsung who has developed its TVs to match the evolution of filming standards. Its TVs which now capture ever more colours and brightness, ensuring viewers at home get a life-like picture, closer to the director’s vision.” –  Samsung press statement

Top Five Favourite Box Sets

  • Game of Thrones (19%) SKY
  • Breaking Bad (13%) SKY
  • Downton Abbey (9%) ITV
  • The Walking Dead SKY
  • Sopranos (8%)  SKY

Most anticipated UK television return

  • Game of Thrones (21%) SKY
  • Sherlock (15%) BBC
  • Line of Duty (12%) BBC
  • Doc Martin (11%) ITV
  • Dancing on Ice (10%) ITV

The return of Dancing on Ice to ITV is on the ‘must see’ list of many viewers polled.
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