Fans of the long running Australian police drama Homicide will be pleased to know that the twentieth and final DVD volume of the series has just been released in the UK, meaning that all 509 classic episodes are now available for you to own and enjoy once again.

The final DVD volume of Homicide is out now.

In these final instalments its action all the way as Inspector Reg Lawson (Charles Tingwell), Detective Sergeant Harry White (Don Barker), Senior Detective Michael Deegan (Dennis Grosvenor) and Senior Detective Phil Redford (Gary Day) put the perpetrators of vile crimes behind bars.

In a special two hour telemovie Jon English plays the lead singer of a rock band who is held in custody at Tullamarine Airport when one of the group dies under suspicious circumstances. Drugs are involved and Inspector Lawson finds himself heading to London to liaise with Scotland Yard with the list of suspects and motives growing to epic proportions. This telemovie was awarded the 1976 Sammy for Best Television Play.

There are also two 90 minute specials for you to enjoy. In the first a medical student feels he has no choice but to follow his family into a life of crime in order to avenge his father’s murder, and in the second special the fanatical leader of a religious cult kidnaps the daughter of a newspaper baron and proceeds to demand an extortionate ransom.

Inspector Reg Lawson (Charles Tingwell) finds himself heading back to London on a case.

Detective Sergeant Harry White (Don Barker) faces more rogues in Homicide.

Meanwhile Harry White finds his life on the line when he is held hostage by a murderer, and a tranquil picnic in the bush will end badly with a brutal rape and murder. A businessman is blown up but it appears that he could well have been blackmailing the killer, and a group of bikies take the law into their own hands by sending a drug peddler off the edge of a cliff. In another part of town a girl is brutally assaulted whilst another is murdered in a hostel, and a prisoner goes berserk after being dumped by his girlfriend, he ends up killing a warden and going on the run claiming to have hostages in tow.

There are more seedy goings on when the corpse of a man who had recently been cleared of rape is discovered hanging over the wall of a park dunny, and a backyard abortionist who has been maiming young women needs to be stopped. The high drama continues down in the red light district where a massage parlour owner is killed in a car explosion, her business rival fears that she will be the next victim and has no choice but to turn to the only copper she trusts. That copper is David Mackay who makes a welcome return to the series for its final episode. We learn that Mackay (Leonard Teale) has been promoted to Inspector since the last time we saw him, and we can only hope that the bordello owner’s faith in him will prove justified.

Senior Detective Michael Deegan (Dennis Grosvenor) receives some upsetting news.

Senior Detective Phil Redford (Gary Day) is shocked to learn of the latest vile murder.

Plenty of your favourite actors make guest appearances in this volume including Judy McBurney and Margaret Nelson from The Young Doctors; Vic Gordon from Matlock Police; Leila Hayes and Syd Conabere from Sons & Daughters; and Betty Bobbitt and Jane Clifton from Prisoner: Cell Block H. Others cropping up during the investigations include Terence Donovan from Neighbours; Reg Gorman from The Sullivans; Tony Bonner, John Orcsik and Gil Tucker from Cop Shop; and Grant Dodwell from A Country Practice.

Keep your eyes peeled for Adrian Wright (from Freewheelers), Mary Ward, Martin Vaughan, John Hargreaves, Ingrid Mason, John Diedrich, Kate Fitzpatrick (from Boney), Serge Lazareff, Carla Hoogeveen, Ernie Bourne, Jackie Weaver, and a host of other familiar faces.

Homicide Volume 20 and a wealth of other Australian television classics can be ordered exclusively from Eaton Films in the UK. Customers in Australasia can place their orders with Crawford DVD. Those of you who are located in any other part of the world can email Eaton Films for shipping details.

Phil Redford (Gary Day) and Harry White (Don Barker) face more disturbing atrocities head on.

Inspector David Mackay (Leonard Teale) is back on the beat in Homicide Volume 20.
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