ATV Today Editor Doug Lambert picks some of Monday’s TV highlights in January 22nd’s Telly Today.

One to Watch: Extraordinary People: 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18, Channel 5, 10pm

Teenager Georgia Rankin is the height of the average two-year-old, and this rite of passage film follows her from her 18th to her 19th birthday.

At just 2 foot 7 inches tall, she is charismatic, charming and happy, despite suffering constant pain in her joints.

This revealing documentary follows Georgia as she travels to America to meet a medical expert in dwarfism and finally get her condition diagnosed. She also finds out about using cannabis oil for pain relief, as well as attending the Reading Festival with her best friend.

Next Of Kin, ITV, STV and UTV, 9pm

Archie Panjabi and Jack Davenport  star in ITV’s fast- paced family thriller, Next Of Kin. The contemporary drama follows whip-smart doctor Mona Harcourt (Panjabi) who lives in London with political lobbyist husband Guy (Davenport). When a bomb goes off in London on the same day that her brother, Kareem, is abducted and murdered in Pakistan, Mona’s charmed life is shaken to its core. Extra drama comes in the form of her brother’s son Danish – known as Danny – who has vanished from university and is being linked to both the bombing and the murder of his father.

In tonight’s episode while recovering from her injuries in hospital, Mona is livid at the counter terrorism police; she believes they deliberately led her into a trap in order to get to Danny. Returning home to London and her concerned family, a traumatised Mona decides to investigate Danny’s links to radical Islam for herself. On the eve of Kareem’s funeral Mona attempts to help Danny, but her actions land her into serious trouble. Meanwhile, a separate police operation to bring Danny back to the UK has its own serious consequences.

First Dates Hotel, Channel 4, 10pm

More British singletons search for a slice of amore in the Italian sun. With his shades, six-pack and stylish man-bag, 36-year-old Darill is the epitome of ‘daddy cool’.

After spending a few days enjoying the poolside views his big day arrives: a date with 26-year-old single mum Millie. They seem well matched but there are certain things you shouldn’t say on a date…

Meanwhile, 44-year-old school science technician and former Jehovah’s Witness Esther and 43-year-old electrician Lawrence bond over parenting, his life as a widower, and her eight years of being single, and exchange a couple of thoughtful gifts. And retired psychic Marie is keen to make friends with everyone at the hotel, but her ideal man is someone no one could have predicted.

Active Shooter: America Under Fire, Sky Atlantic, 9pm

In the second episode of this eight-part series the thoughtful and comprehensive explorations of the pandemic of mass shootings in the United States, Active Shooter analyses the 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, where 14 people were killed and 22 others seriously injured,making it the deadliest terror attack to occur in the US since 9/11.

The perpetrators were found to be a US-born man of Pakistani descent and his Pakistani-born wife – herself a legal permanent resident of the US. The pair had been radicalised over the years leading up to the attack and, as the programme makes clear, this created fierce debate among the shocked community regarding homegrown terrorism.

Footballers’ Wives, London Live, 11pm

More from ITV’s trashy wags and their footie star husbands in this now iconic classic drama. In this repeat edition – episode five of series five – Liberty takes drastic action to save her relationship after the shock of finding herself on the tabloids’ front pages.

Callum’s overjoyed when Shannon suggests he move in, and the pair throw a lavish housewarming. Amber decides the party is the perfect time to exact her final revenge on Bruno – but it seems he could be wise to her manipulations. Former This Morning presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan guest star.

Silent Witness, BBC One, 9pm

Diplomat Ryan Reed is watching the US ambassador on a late night current affairs show. But as he heads home he is seemingly targeted by a biker.

Lead by SIO DCI Ben Solomon, the Lyell team arrive at the scene to find Reed’s body posed – sitting upright on a bench with his hand tucked inside his jacket. An argument quickly ensues between the Police and the US Embassy staff, who claim the murder falls under their jurisdiction.

The Lyell team fight against the bureaucracy of the FBI, aided only by the US Chief of Mission Matt Garcia. However when Matt goes missing, Nikki is disturbed. Might Matt be the next target?

Footballers’ Wives is on Local TV network London Live at 11pm.

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