80s soul singer Mica Paris recently kicked off her UK tour “Mica Paris Sings Ella Fitzgerald” Not only did Mica sound incredible, but she also looked fantastic.

“In my profession, I always feel pressured to look good and being a female is even worse. If I was a bloke it would be a completely different movie. It’s really tough being a female performer – all eyes are on you and you always have to look great. I’m 5ft10, so I’ve learnt to cheat things because I’ve got long legs, but you can only cheat so much! You are pressured to look good because you’re a public figure.” – Mica Paris

In a bid to get physically and mentally ready for her tour, and to battle her yo-yo dieting pattern once and for all, Mica decided to follow the a special diet plan to get her feeling happy and healthy in her weight again, and to ensure she was able to keep up with the demands that a tour brings.

Mica knew that she needed to make a change, and one that would stay with her, so started her transformation journey in September last year.

To help keep Mica on track throughout her tour rehearsals and to support her over the festive season, LighterLife’s useful LL2U telephone option allowed her to dial into her group regardless of where she was in the world. “What is so unique about the Total Plan is that you have the support while you’re trying to lose weight. It’s not just you on your own. You have these CBT groups every week that you all link into and speak about your journey. It’s so supportive, without them, I think it would have been really difficult.”

Not only does Mica now feel incredible in herself, but she also states that she is “able to hit notes that she hasn’t been able to in over a decade.”

In total, Mica lost 2st 2lb in two months on the LighterLife Total Plan and is now currently following LighterLife’s Route To Management to continuing maintaining.

“Because of my busy lifestyle I needed to find a weight-loss plan that would work around my schedule with products that I can just easily pop in my bag and go. LighterLife is perfect for that.” – Mica Paris

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