One to Watch: Benidorm is back bringing more fun in the sun to ITV screens as it enters its tenth year on air.

“We have had the most incredible guest stars and of course we have my on screen boss Dame Joan Collins. I think Judi Dench would be very funny [in the cast] because she is a funny lady and she would just love the humor of Benidorm and the silliness of it. She would be a great karaoke Queen and would love Neptunes. She would be up on that stage. I think she would just love every second of it.” – Sherrie Hewson

It’s back for tenth-anniversary series. And the ITV sitcom’s decade in the sun is celebrated with a big day. Wedding anticipation is in the air at the Solana as Joyce and Monty’s ceremony is about to take place. It’s also Billy and Sheron’s 25th wedding anniversary holiday.

While hotel manager Joyce is tieing the knot Sam is left in charge of the Solana and is looking at ways to make some quick cash while down at the coast things go awry at the wedding leaving Kenneth volunteering to save the day. Guest appearances in tonight’s episode include the return of Nigel Havers, former Brookside and Coronation Street actor Michael Starke features as well as a performance from singer Tony Hadley.

The 10th series of Benidorm will also see legendary comedy duo Hale & Pace join the show as undercover detectives Dennis and Nigel investigating Tim Healy’s character Les/Lesley. Former EastEnders’ star Shane Richie is also returning to the show for four episodes reprising his role as lively entertainer Sammy Valentino. While other newcomers to the series include Laila Zaidi who plays Cyd, the new girlfriend of Rob Dawson and Julian Moore-Cook who plays Joey’s mate Callum.

Guest stars featuring across this run of episodes include The Chuckle Brothers, Nigel Havers, Mark Heap, Bobby Ball, Claire Sweeney, Layton Williams, Carol Decker and Holly Johnson. Benidorm airs tonight on ITV, STV and UTV at 9pm.

“For Monty he has been chasing after Joyce like a puppy for some time and finally he catches up with her and he must have something going for him otherwise I’m sure she wouldn’t have said yes.” – John Challis
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