New series explores building on challenging plots, while a second series of My Floating Home takes another look at aquatic homes.

“Both of these series will follow the ground breaking developments of designing a home in some of the most challenging locations in the UK. Inventive technology and original concepts will demonstrate to home-owners across the UK the incredible results and challenges faced, in an attempt to build their dream home.” – David Sayer, Head of Daytime, Channel 4

Impossible Builds will explore how a new wave of innovatively engineered ‘kit’ homes is helping ambitious home owners construct dream houses in some of the most remote and challenging locations across the UK.

The eight-part series sees architectural designer Charlie Luxton and commercial designer Aidan Keane team up as they meet determined families going against the odds to build bespoke homes on plots ranging from a stormy rugged island to a remote, cliff-top perch overlooking a loch. The new series utilises the latest augmented reality (AR) CGI animations and spectacular drone photography in charting each extreme build, Channel 4 note.

Meanwhile, Mark Evans returns to More4 to present a second series of My Floating Home. From a trailblazing fibreglass aquatic ‘pod’ built in Southampton to the conversion of a historic ship destined for a mooring in the shadow of London’s Tower Bridge, the eight-part series explores the unique design innovations and construction challenges involved in living on water.

“These two innovative series offer fascinating and inspiring ways of thinking outside of the box when it comes to designing your own dream home. New technology is making it possible for contemporary home-owners to change their lives offering affordable and creative solutions to building their dream house almost anywhere in the UK.” – Carlo Massarella, Creative Director, Windfall Films

Both series will be made by Windfall Films.

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