UKTV has today revealed the stars set to appear in the production.

A celebrated, award-winning ensemble cast will join lead Anna Paquin in Flack, a UKTV Original television drama series for premium entertainment channel, W. The six part production begins filming this week in London directed by Peter Cattaneo.

Flack stars talent from multiple award-winning films and critically acclaimed series, including Sophie Okonedo, Genevieve Angelson, Lydia Wilson, Rebecca Benson, Arinzé Kene, Marc Warren, Rufus Jones, Max Beesley and Rebecca Root.

The programme is set in the fast-paced and cut-throat world of celebrity PR. Against this dynamic backdrop the series offers a fresh and bold take on the brutal reality of the modern world. The characters weave through complex storylines in a high-stakes world where the misdemeanors of celebrity clients can go viral in an instant.

The story centers on an American PR executive (Paquin) living in London who must figure out how to make the best of the bad situations and the hot water that her wayward clients are constantly getting themselves into, whilst also fighting her own personal flaws.

The cast and characters for Flack are:

Anna Paquin, who is also Executive Producer, plays Robyn; an expert at her craft but a self-saboteur in her personal life. It’s her job to fix other people’s lives despite the fact she is incapable of fixing her own. Plagued with inner demons, Robyn’s high-stakes and fast-paced career offers an essential distraction from her own disasters.

Robyn’s boss and head of PR company Mills Paulson is Caroline, played by Sophie Okonedo. Caroline is a formidable and highly capable woman who takes no prisoners and makes no excuses. Dry as a bone with a sharp tongue and a sharper wit, she is an exceptionally observant character who’s seen and done it all over many years at the top of her game.

Genevieve Angelson plays Ruth, Robyn’s sister, confidant and emotional rock. A mother of two who loves her children but can’t help longing for the life she used to enjoy before their arrival, Ruth is intent on trying to keep her inner fire alive – even if that is often only possible vicariously through her wayward sister.

Lydia Wilson stars as Eve, Robyn’s foul-mouthed best friend and colleague. Eve comes from a world of money, influence and privilege, but knows it and owns it. At turns hilarious and deeply shocking, Eve represents the dark heart of the series, a morally bankrupt character who will ultimately face betrayal from those closest to her.

Rebecca Benson is cast as Melody, the new girl in the workplace in her first week as an interm. Having only recently arrived in London, Melody finds herself thrown into the bear pit of Mills Paulson PR where she must eventually make a decision as to how much of her personal life she’s prepared to sacrifice on the altar of her chosen profession.

Arinzé Kene plays Robyn’s charming and tolerant boyfriend, Sam. A playboy in his younger years, Sam’s wild side helps make him a great match for Robyn, but he’s now doing his best to grow up, calm down and focus on starting a family – an ambition that Robyn feels ambivalent about at best.

Marc Warren plays Tom, a damaged but charming ex-dancer whom Robyn meets through her NA meetings. Whilst Robyn ends up setting Tom up as potential boyfriend material for Eve, there’s clearly an attraction between them – Tom has a fragility that’s different to Sam – and that Robyn perhaps sees in herself.

Rufus Jones stars as Ruth’s comfortably old-fashioned husband, Mark. A doting family man who feels it’s his duty to provide for his family, Mark is nevertheless de-stablilised by events of his own making early on in the series and must come to terms with the type of man he is, or aspires to be.  

Additional casting includes; Alan Davies (Jonathan Creek, Whites) Andrew Leung (Doctor Who), Lloyd Everitt (Casualty) Indra Ove (Resident Evil), Tsion Habte (Liar), Rebecca Scroggs (EastEnders), Chu Omambala (Doctor Who), Holli Dempsey (Black Mirror), and Amy Huberman (Striking Out).

The six episode series was created by Oliver Lansley and will air on W in the UK in 2019.

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