The renowned cult classic BBC drama series, Tenko, premieres on True Entertainment channel next month.

Stephanie Cole as Dr. Beatrice Mason in Tenko, BBC TV.

Based on real-life experiences, it follows the harrowing ordeal endured by a  group of British, Australian and Dutch women who were captured after the Japanese invasion of Singapore in 1941 and interned in a prisoner-of-war camp. One of the most critically acclaimed BBC dramas of the 1980s, Tenko was praised for its bold storylines and superb acting.

 Emily Bolton as Christina Campbell and Stephanie Beacham as Rose Millar in Tenko, BBC TV.

Having been separated from their husbands, herded into holding camps and mostly forgotten by the British War Office, the female prisoners-of-war have to survive appalling living conditions, malnutrition, disease and violence. This first outing, which was transmitted in 1981, stars Stephanie Beacham, Stephanie Cole, Louise Jameson and Burt Kwouk.

Tenko premieres on Monday 7th May and will air every weekday at 6.00pm. True Entertainment is available on Freeview 61, Sky 182, Freesat 142 and Virgin 189

Burt Kwouk as Captain/Major Yamauchi, Patricia Lawrence as Sister Lucia and Ann Bell as Marion Jefferson in Tenko, BBC TV.
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