The Good Karma Hospital to keep television medicine flowing on ITV.

“We’re delighted to be returning to The Good Karma Hospital for a third series. Writer Dan Sefton has created emotionally engaging storylines and a community of intriguing characters that we all instantly care about. We’re grateful to the cast for bringing them to life and to the production team who film in the most glorious sun-drenched location!” – ITV Drama boss, Victoria Fea
ITV is to broadcast a third outing for The Good Karma Hospital, following a succesful second series which ended last weekend (April 22nd).
Set in Southern India, the six-part drama, which is currently achieving consolidated audiences of around 6 million, will return to ITV in 2019. The life-affirming drama full of heart and unforgettable characters.
Amanda Redman, returned as formidable Dr Lydia Fonseca, head of the run down, but resourceful medical centre in the tropical Indian coastal town. It’s a year since junior doctor Ruby Walker, moved to Kerala looking for a fresh start and a distraction from her broken heart, and now settled in her new life it’s time for her to take on more responsibility. When a storm hits and the hospital’s generator fails, Ruby’s new found confidence is put to the test, will she make the right decision or has she been pushed too far?

A surprise connection to her Indian family gives Ruby a deeper understanding of her heritage and brings her closer to Dr Gabriel Varma, but she must decide if she’s ready for romance. Neil Morrissey returns as Greg, a local bar owner and Lydia’s on-off boyfriend. After trying to make a go of things at the end of series one, the couple realise they might not be on the same page when talk of marriage arises.

As the medics face professional and personal challenges, their dedication and skills are pushed to the limits. Lydia, Ruby, and the rest of The Good Karma Hospital team will come to understand that by working together, they can face any challenge and rely on each other through good times and bad.

The series was released on DVD yesterday by Acorn International.
“The commission of a third series is testament to the hard work of our incredible cast and talented writers, led by Dan Sefton. The colourful characters and life-affirming stories continue to strike a chord with the audience and we are so excited to be bringing everyone another series of this wonderful drama.” – Executive Producer, Tiger Aspect Productions, Lucy Bedford
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