More World of Sport Wrestling for ITV

ITV has commissioned a further ten episodes of the revamped wrestling series which was a staple part of the ITV schedules in the 70s and 80s.

“There is a massive indie wrestling scene in the UK and a strong nostalgia for the wrestling shows of our youth. WOS Wrestling will combine the best of the past with incredible talent available today to make a fun, exciting and thrilling show that the whole family can enjoy.” – Tom McLennan, Creative Director, ITV Studios Entertainment

WOS Wrestling will be jam-packed with the UK’s top names in the sport, competing in a fun-filled evening of family sports entertainment in each hour-long edition.

Recorded in front of a live audience at studios in Norwich, fans will get to see some of the finest pro wrestlers compete in various, intense bouts. At the end of each show, only one will get to take home the coveted WOS Wrestling Championship belt.

Plus, backstage interviews between rounds will deliver news on what the wrestling stars are thinking – be it elation or frustration.

The original World of Sport was a magazine sports series which screened wresting matches as well as several other sporting events including horse racing, which has also recently returned to ITV, but not under the WOS banner, stockcar races, golf, netball and darts to name a few.

World of Sport launched in 1965, as a rival to BBC One’s Grandstand with the aim to provide coverage of ‘alternative’ events which the beeb didn’t hold the rights to.

The live outside broadcasts were produced by the ITV regions, with the main show complied in London by the ITV Sports Central department operated in the 1950s and 60s by ABC TV and ATV London, with sole production taken on in 1968 by LWT. Hosts included Eamonn Andrews, Fred Dinenage and Richard “Dickie” Davies. World of Sport ended in 1985 as ITV began to screen fewer sporting events.

Last year a ten-part series of WOS Wrestling was announced, but never came to be transmitted due to contractual issues. A one-off special previously aired in December 2016.

World of Sport Gallery:

The LWT era set of World of Sport

The shows most famous host was “Dickie” Davies
Regional news presenter Fred Dinenage, on also hosted the series

The first presenter was the late Eamonn Andrews, best known for shows such as This Is Your Life and What’s My Line?

1970s World of Sport logo from London Weekend Television
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