Mica Proctor talks about her role in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale.

The actress is guesting in the rural saga as ‘Young Charity’, as Charity Dingle’s (Emma Atkins) traumatic past is explored via flashbacks.

Can you tell us a bit about the part you’re playing?

I’m playing young Charity in a special episode which flashbacks to the 90s. The audience now have an insight into Charity’s tragic past and this is an opportunity to further explore Charity and what makes her the person she is today. It’s a chance to show what Charity has been through in her past. She’s had a very tragic past so it’s a chance to show exactly what she’s been through as a character and the path she’s gone down.

What has it been like to play such an iconic character?

It was a little bit nerve racking finding out that I was going to be playing such a big character. I felt like I really needed to do the character justice as she was only 14 when this terrible thing happened and she’d been through a lot but I also needed to make sure that I got the mannerisms right. I watched Emma Atkins play Charity on screen and I looked at the way she held herself; how she crossed her arms quite a lot; the way she walked. I wanted to interpret it into the younger Charity.

How do you think the audience will react seeing Charity in her younger years?

I think the audience will definitely be shocked because I don’t think they fully know the extent to what Charity has been through. You get the gist that she’s been through a lot but this is a real eye-opener and it’s very tragic.

What make-up and costume process did you had to go through to look like the young Charity?

I didn’t have to do much but I have got blue eyes so I had to wear green contact lenses. I had to teach myself how to put those in. My hair was pretty similar so we just curled it and the clothes were 90s style which were awesome.

Have you worked with any cast members before?

I have worked with a few people on the show. Dominic Brunt directed me on a Film so I got to know quite a few people through that. I also did a short film with director Mike Lacey and I got to work with Zoe Henry. So although I was meeting lots of new people there were a few familiar faces.

Did you watch Emma’s performance beforehand?

I did watch Emma beforehand. I’m a bit of a crazy Emmerdale fan anyway but I watched her more intensely and made sure I had the correct mannerisms and held myself the way she did.

Were you and Emma ever on set at the same time?

Emma and me were on set the same time for a few things. It was nice to work with her and she’s such a good actress. It was nice to see her get into character and into that mind-set and I learnt a lot from her. You don’t see that side when you’re watching it on screen, you don’t see what they have to go through to get to that position.

Charity recently revealed to her loved ones that she was groomed and raped by DI Mark Bails (Rocky Marshall) when she was just 14 years old. Charity recalled how she was a homeless young prostitute when the predatory detective provided shelter for her before revealing his sinister true colours – using her for his own sexual gratification as well as pimping her out.

After exposing Bails at a press conference, Charity was told that securing a conviction against him without any physical evidence wouldn’t be easy. Charity then confided in vicar Harriet Finch (Kathryn Dow-Blyton) that she had fallen pregnant as a result of the abuse but the baby – a boy – had been stillborn.  

Emmerdale delves some more into Charity’s past tonight at 7pm on ITV/STV/UTV

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