UKTV has teamed up with VICE Studios for the first time for Beat The Internet.

“For many years now I’ve been suspicious that the ‘internet’ is getting too big for its boots. Its war against our high streets, laws and HMRC goes completely unchecked, and that’s not to mention the unknowable impact on future generations of the constant stream of top shelf material it provides, whose sheer volume and variety never ceases to astonish and horrify. I say it’s time to fight back, to reclaim our streets, to enforce our laws, recoup our taxes, and place pornography back on actual shelves in the real world, where it can be controlled, policed, and placed under a copy of The Times before handing to a sympathetic newsagent. Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to Beat The Internet.” – host, John Robins

UKTV’s entertainment channel Dave is making its first programme with VICE Studios, Beat The Internet with John Robins which has been commissioned for 20 episodes. Hosted by the 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Award winner the show pits members of the public against each other in a quest to predict how search engines respond to a series of questions – from images to wordplay, the results are both unpredictable and hilarious.

Beat The Internet with John Robins is another exciting new addition to the raft of UKTV Originals appearing on Dave this year. The channel has premiered Yianni: Supercar CustomiserJon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier and The Horne Section Television Programme, alongside returning viewer favourites such as TaskmasterUnspun with Matt FordeDara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit and the forthcoming new series of Zapped and Porters. The brand-new co-production with BBC, Expedition with Steve Backshall, airs in 2019.

“I’m really excited about this. Is it: a) a new genre for the channel b) a highly addictive, play-along game or c) a chance to work with one of the most exciting new comedy talents to emerge in the last few years? Answer: It’s all three.” – Iain Coyle, senior commissioning editor UKTV

Beat The Internet with John Robins is the latest slate addition for VICE Studios in the UK, whose recent portfolio includes Britain’s Cocaine Epidemic (Channel 5); BBC2 documentary The Satanic Verses, based on The Salman Rushdie Affair; and most recently, the Studios’ first feature film Time To Die, which was announced at last month’s Cannes Film Festival. Beat The Internet with John Robins is part of VICE Studios’ continued diversification of its programming slate that now spans documentary, feature films and entertainment programming and formats.

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