Research shows who are the most expensive gig stars

Research has been looking into the cost of enjoying a night out at a gig.

Britney Spears, the most costly to the bank balance of fans, Ticket-Compare says

“Fans pay 15% more on average for tickets to see female artists, with tickets typically £8 more expensive.” – Ticket-Compare

Fans hoping to see their favourite artist in concert are having to pay a 15% ‘gender premium’ if the act is female, according to new research by Those planning to see the likes of Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and Demi Lovato as they tour the UK this summer have been faced with a typical surcharge of £7.81 compared to male acts playing at the same major London venue.

Ticket-Compare analysed the face value ticket prices for music concerts at London’s O2 arena, picking the lowest price available between now and January and found on average, male acts charge £53 with female artists coming in at £60.84  – a difference of 14.72%. Separately, the research found that there were more than three times as many male acts taking to the stage than their female counterparts – constituting 28 of the 41 concerts compared to eight female-lead gigs. The other five concerts were by mixed groups.

Britney Spears comes top of the pile for the costliest female ticket, with fans having to fork out £85.00 for a single concert. Meanwhile, Kylie Minogue fans will pay £70 and a night listening to country star Shania Twain will set you back £69.75.

“This research shows women are winning when it comes to ticket prices but losing out to men when it comes to the number of concerts they get in leading venues. And that’s not for lack of talent. The number of female artists topping the charts is staggering.” – Ticket-Compare co-founder and CEO, Liran Froind

However, male acts are still able to levy the highest prices for a single performance. Fans of 80s band, Soft Cell, will have to shell out an eye-watering £110 to see them on their arena tour. Meanwhile, two of the other top five costliest tickets were for male artists, with Barry Manilow asking £78.85, whilst fans wanting to see Queen and Adam Lambert will have to pay £79.50.

There are more mid-range tickets for both male and female acts, Justin Timberlake pitches his tickets at a fairly reasonable £40. And the average price to see a mixed group, like Jeff Lynne’s ELO, is £41.25. The average overall price for a ticket was £52.25.

“Superstars like Kylie, Beyonce and Taylor Swift are taking over our airwaves and are putting on some of the greatest shows on earth. The demand to see them is there – and the ticket prices reflect this. Yet we aren’t seeing equal female representation at venues. Male acts continue to dominate and are still charging some of the most expensive prices for single performances.” – Ticket-Compare co-founder and CEO, Liran Froind

Justin Timberlake proves value for money.

Ticket-compare compares prices from both official and secondary ticketing sites and has a special page detailing upcoming concerts at the O2.
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