The Sony Crime Channel this week begins a series probing some of the strangest murders in history.

Bizarre Murders takes a look at everything from mistaken identity killings, a murderer who lived in his victim’s cupboard, deliberate death caused over a fashion argument and twelve lovers who plot the demise of their boyfriend. These are just some of the, frankly, baffling murderous acts featured in the series.

The production will run for fifty-two episodes – that’s a lot of bizarre acts of homicide in a thirty-minute slot on Sony Crime Channel. The show launches tomorrow (July 2nd) at 10pm and will transmit every weeknight with each episode reconstructing the crimes that shocked communities at the time of the incidents, and can now bemuse us all due to just how frankly crazy some of these cases are.

Highlights from Bizarre Murders include the killing of a male by his cheating wife’s lover, who had been living in their closet. Then there is the murderer who is caught following his footprint being accidentally left in a hotdog bun next to the body. The series also brings the tragedy that was the demise of twin Mexican midget wrestlers who were murdered by fake prostitutes.

And if you think that last one was strange, there is plenty more including the woman who brutally murdered a fortune-teller for incorrectly predicting her future and covered the victim in white paint. But even that isn’t as bizarre as the woman who was portrayed as a survivor of a brutal attack only to be charged with killing her co-worker over a tank top and staging the entire crime.

These are just a few of the stories to be told in the coming weeks on Sony Crime Channel’s Bizarre Murders which begins tomorrow, July 2nd, at 10pm.

Sony Crime Channel: Freeview Channel 60, Sky Channel 157, FreeSat Channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 193.

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