Leading archaeological website claims evidence shows number of US citizens continuing to carry out lethal sundance despite soaring temperatures.

As America experienced one of its hottest Independence Days to date, stateside citizens are being urged to stop worshipping the sun. Leading world archaeology website Ancient Origins has revealed evidence shows plains Americans are continuing to carry out solar worship; a torturous process, particularly in these heated temperatures.

According to recent figures from the USA Census Bureau there are 6.6 million Native Americans in the states, the majority of whom engage in sundances. A sundance can be defined as a prayer for life, world renewal and thanksgiving. Sundances are not just a way of worshipping the sun but also a method of testing the stamina of young, unblooded warriors with some dances lasting a lengthy 7 days.

Other interesting sun related findings from Ancient Origins have revealed that many Americans still believe that each sun is a god with its own cosmic era while American solar gods were not just life-bringers, they were often warrior gods also.

Fire was and continues to be a symbol for the heat, light, and power of the sun with many plains people continuing to carry out sundances, despite them being disallowed in the 1800s due to them being torturous and in Inca mythology Inti was the god of the sun and gold was believed to be the sweat of the sun.

Ancient Americans used to fear what would happen when the sun god disappeared with pregnant women believing a dark sky could cause their children to be born with deformities or even as mice. With nearly 80 million people remaining under a heat advisory or warning and some places in the Eastern US experiencing temperatures of up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, stateside plains citizens are being advised to bring solar god worship to a halt immediately.

Irish Australian Joanna Gillan and her Greek husband Ioannis Syrigos set up the Ancient Origins website which covers everything from Irish Egyptian connections, to Wolves in Ireland to vikings and mummies.

They also run educational programs in schools and lead mythological expeditions. In addition to this they have plenty of stories to tell, one of the most interesting was probably when Ioannis was kidnapped!

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