The sixth DVD volume of the Australian police drama Cop Shop is now available in the UK and its action all the way.

Australia’s most wanted criminals are brought to book in Cop Shop Volume 6.

In this box set the young boy that Glenn and Pamela Taylor (George Mallaby and Rowena Wallace) have been trying to foster runs away and ends up in the clutches of a drug pushing mongrel that is running a child pornography and underage prostitution racket. Pamela becomes increasingly jealous when the boy’s real mother comes back onto the scene, and there is more heartache for her when she learns that her father is terminally ill.

The marital woes continue for Jeff and Valerie Johnson (Peter Adams and Joanna Lockwood) who could well be heading for the divorce courts. Life is just as complicated for Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) who becomes romantically entangled with Alison Finley (Diane Craig) much to the displeasure of young Gayle Taylor (Jo-anne Moore) whose obsession with Mike gets out of hand when she begins stalking him. Mike and Alison announce their engagement but when he discovers that his fiancée has had a sexual relationship with a lesbian he finds it very hard to come to terms with the situation.

Meanwhile, the ambitious Constable Amanda King (Lynda Stoner) upsets more of her work colleagues by making a play for the married Glenn Taylor and after her advances are rejected she tries it on with Mike Georgiou who is already spoken for romantically. Amanda is far from happy when her father comes out of the woodwork, and she then begins receiving obscene threats from an unknown man.

Sons & Daughters star Rowena Wallace plays Pamela Taylor in Cop Shop, a lady who suffers one tragedy after another.

Senior Sergeant Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris) is thrilled to learn that his paraplegic daughter Claire (Louise Philip) is pregnant, but he’s less enthusiastic about her taking driving lessons.  On the other side of town Constable Roy Baker (Gil Tucker) finds himself trapped in a car with a bomb, and an ageing actor who has been reduced to working in a bottle shop comes unstuck when he tries to ingratiate himself with a pair of wealthy middle-aged ladies. It transpires that these two supposedly respectable ladies were once prostitutes but he can’t judge them because he has worked as a gigolo to make ends meet.

A drug-pushing disc jockey has been receiving death threats after doing the dirty on a man’s sister, and when the furious brother accidently blows himself up his junkie sister sets out on a deadly mission of revenge. The uniformed branch at Riverside Police Station go undercover posing as junkies in an attempt to blow the lid on the local drug scene, and find themselves at the mercy of a maniac who goes berserk with a bomb at a disco.

Left: Senior Detective Jeff Johnson (Peter Adams) examines a suspected murder weapon. Right: Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) catches a hood in the act.

A computer expert who is suffering from deadly typhoid is sprung from jail to pull off a spot of industrial espionage, and two serial sex offenders have been brutally raping young girls in Riverside Park. When one of their victims ends up slitting her wrists her father decides to take the law into his own hands. A disturbed woman abducts a baby claiming that the child is hers, and a daring jewel thief begins plaguing the parties of the high society set.

A spoilt little rich girl decides to rip-off her own father by posing as a stooge in a series of armed hold-ups on his businesses which are the front for a massage parlour operation, and over at the dog track a champion greyhound is snatched with multiple suspects in the frame.

When a young girl is kidnapped her father becomes the prime suspect, but things take an unexpected twist when it transpires that her mother is shacked up with a lesbian lover who has an enemy or two out for revenge. A security guard with spiralling debts disappears and the boys in blue wonder if he’s staged the whole thing as part of a life insurance scam, and two prolific burglars cause an avalanche of work for our brave law enforcers.

The fascinating cases continue to roll in when a middle-aged homosexual is run down in a deliberate hit and run incident, the trail of evidence leads to a pimp with a network of male prostitutes who service the local gay population. This pimp is trying to hoodwink a sexually confused young man into going on the game.

Left: Young Doctors star Lynda Stoner plays Constable Amanda King in Cop Shop. Right: Senior Sergeant Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris) learns that his pregnant paraplegic daughter is taking driving lessons.

Elsewhere in Riverside, a number of young children have been abducted from a block of high rise flats and a group of residents decide to take the law into their own hands by setting up a vigilante group. The actions of these people cause further tragedy when the retarded man they believe to be the pervert plunges to his death from one of the overhead balconies.

A host of familiar faces appear in this box set including Stefan Dennis and Ian Smith from Neighbours; Debra Lawrance from Home & Away; Kit Taylor, Harold Hopkins, Margo Lee and Richard Meikle from The Young Doctors; Gerard Maguire and Olivia Hamnett from Prisoner: Cell Block H; Val Jellay and Terry Gill from The Flying Doctors; Shane Porteous from A Country Practice; Nick Waters from The Sullivans; June Salter from The Restless Years; Leila Hayes and Syd Conabere from Sons & Daughters; and Peter Regan, Belinda Giblin and Helen Hemingway from The Box. Other well-known guest stars include Sigrid Thornton, Bruce Spence, Adrian Wright, Walter Pym, Candy Raymond, Liddy Clark, Simon Burke, and John Diedrich.

Cop Shop Volume 6 and a wealth of other Australian television classics can be ordered exclusively from Eaton Films in the UK. Viewers in Australasia can place their orders with Crawford DVD. Customers who are located anywhere else in the world should email Eaton Films for shipping details.

Left: Constable Roy Baker (Gil Tucker) puts his life on the line in Cop Shop. Right: The baffling cases continue for Senior Detective Sergeant Glenn Taylor (George Mallaby) down at the cop shop.

All photographs copyright Crawford Productions/Eaton Films/WIN Corporation.
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