In the UK the cinema tills are alive with the sound of music(als).

Almost half of Brits now count musicals as their favourite film genre, according to new research by national cinema chain Showcase Cinemas.

One in three Brits have been to see a musical at the cinema in the last 12 months, while West End theatre performances have also experienced a boom in popularity, with audiences surpassing 15 million for the first time last year.**

Musicals are striking a chord with the nation, with a third of Brits more likely to watch the same musical numerous times at the cinema than they are any other type of movie… Encore anyone? With Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again taking $82m worldwide in its opening weekend***, Hollywood has given rise to scores of other box office breaking musicals in the past few years, including La La Land and Les Misérables.

In the same time, Showcase Cinemas has experienced a 26% increase in visits to its screenings of West End musicals, while the cinema chain was still screening The Greatest Showman weeks after its DVD release due to its unwavering popularity.

Research revealed that slightly more women than men are musical-mad, but twice as many men (20%) admitted to watching musicals on their own at the cinema than women did (10%).

Musicals also transcend the big screen, with a quarter of Brits confessing to buying the soundtrack to their favourite musical – The Greatest Showman soundtrack occupied the UK album chart top spot for 11 weeks, equalling Adele’s record for the album 21.

Despite the recent resurgence in the song-filled flicks, it is 1978 film Grease that takes the accolade for UK’s favourite on-screen musical, followed by ABBA classics filled, Mamma Mia.

Oliver (1968), West Side Story (1961), and Singin’ In The Rain (1952) also found their way into the top 10 list despite being released 50 years ago, showing that we’re just as fond of the toe-tapping classics as ever.

The UK’s favourite on-screen musicals by Showcase Cinemas

  1. Grease – 17%
  2. Mamma Mia – 13%
  3. The Greatest Showman – 7%
  4. Les Misérables – 8%
  5. Oliver – 6%
  6. West Side Story – 6%
  7. Singin’ In The Rain – 5%
  8. Chicago – 4%
  9. Moulin Rouge – 3%
  10. Cabaret – 3%

As well as being snubbed for The Oscars 2017 Best Picture, La La Land also missed a spot in the top 10 favourite on-screen musicals.

Pictured Top: Business is booming, a Showcase Cinema interior. Pictured Bottom: Days of decline, the Capitol Cinema Low Fell awaits the bulldozers in 1999.
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