From reality star to cast out alleged racist and finally the nations sweetheart, following a terminal illness diagnosis, Channel 4 is to look at the life and events that made Goody a household name.

“Jade was a hugely charismatic personality. She made an indelible impact on our culture – and her incredible life story holds up a mirror to many of the big themes and preoccupations of our time – from fame and celebrity to race and gender politics.” – director Rob Coldstream

The former dental nurse sprang to overnight fame on the third season of Big Brother in 2002. A regular in the British red tops, she became a million pound brand. But Jade’s success divided opinion. Some looked upon it as evidence of a new crassness in public life, while others identified with her as an emblem of triumph and escape.

A later return to Big Brother as a celebrity proved to be a huge error of judgment, however, when she became embroiled in a ‘race row’ after taking a dislike to Indian actress and fellow housemate Shilpa Shetty. Aired in 2007, the fifth series of Celebrity Big Brother sparked international debate and remains the most controversial ever.

Next March marks a decade since Jade died from cervical cancer aged just 27, and Big Brother‘s original broadcaster will look at the Jade Goody phenomenon to tell a bigger story of a social and cultural shift in Britain.

Featuring exclusive interviews and unseen footage, the series will encompass everything from the rise of celeb culture and social media to the battlegrounds of class, race and sexual politics.

“Jade is a figure who couldn’t have existed at any other moment in history. Her story is the story of the noughties and I’m very excited about what will essentially be a popular history series, told through the prism of an electric, much-loved personality.” – Alisa Pomeroy, Commissioning Editor Documentaries

The series, which will comprise of 3 hour-long films, is due to be transmitted on Channel 4 in 2019.

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