ITV to screen Mike Bartlett drama, The Man.

Following the success of Tall Story Pictures’ and Bartlett’s collaboration Trauma (starring Adrian Lester and John Simm), the team have joined forces once more to explore the corrosive effects of bullying with a brand new three-part drama.

“The Man is another gripping story by Mike, that explores the complex subject of workplace bullying. It brilliantly moves between being very funny to very painful, and will have viewers hooked. I am also delighted that the very talented Ken Nwosu is playing Thomas and that Julia Ford is directing. Together with Tall Story, this is a fantastic team that promises to make an unmissable drama.” – ITV’s Head of Drama, Polly Hill

Set in a business park in Reading, the psychological drama follows the personal and professional life of Thomas Benson; a hard-working father and husband. Reliant on bonuses and successful pitches, Benson often finds himself leading the team when trying to secure new business. When he freezes during a pitch the fall out is monumental.

Determined to win back the client Thomas goes to increasingly desperate lengths to remain successful. But as he does, he begins to feel undermined, under attack and out of control. Has he lost his confidence and just feeling paranoid or is his own team, and maybe the wider world, now out to get him?

“Having written about bullying in the workplace previously for the stage, it feels fantastic to tell a new story that explores the potential cruelty of commercial competition, and the effect that has on our psychology, and humanity.” – Mike Bartlett

The series begins filming in September 2018 and will be directed by Julia Ford with Ken Nwosu in the lead role of Thomas Benson.

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