Dave viewers granted unprecedented access to the US / Mexico border in Borderforce: America’s Gatekeepers.

“The jaw-dropping daily drama captured across the episodes is absolutely compelling. The Mexican US border is a hot topic and it’s testament to Stampede’s determination and hard work that they have been granted rare access to the bridges to fully document it.” – Hilary Rosen, deputy director of commissioning, UKTV

Borderforce: America’s Gatekeepers is a observational documentary series for Dave featuring unprecedented access to the United States’ border force. This exhilarating and eye-opening series follows the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection agency as they operate on the twenty-eight bridges connecting the United States of America and Mexico.

This team of officers leave no stone unturned, revealing all manner of illegal contraband, whether concealed in passenger vehicles or hidden amidst legitimate merchandise – Dave viewers will be allowed unrestricted entry into their world.

The ten-part series has been produced by Stampede Productions and is described by UKTV as ‘a unique and thrilling look at the United States’ frontline officers.’ Each episode will air in an hour long slot on Dave.

“This is an illuminating series and we know Dave viewers will be fascinated by the real-life issues at stake in each episode.” – Luke Hales, Dave channel director

Borderforce: America’s Gatekeepers is another addition to the raft of UKTV Originals appearing on Dave this year.

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