Loose Women branded Loose Bullies with thousands of complaints

More than 3000 have complained to Ofcom about yesterday afternoon’s edition, while a petition to have Coleen Nolan sacked from the lowbrow debate series has gained nearly 5000 signatures.

Kim believes she saw the ‘true colours’ of Coleen Nolan in the CBB house, causing this long-running rift.

“Kim agreed to come onto the panel today [29th August] at the invitation of the producers on the understanding it was for a reconciliation with Coleen Nolan. Kim becoming upset was never the intention and the panel did endeavour to comfort her. She was offered counselling after the show, which she declined.” – ITV Daytime Statement

ITV’s topical debate series, Loose Women, based on stateside’s The View, caused a social media storm yesterday after How Clean Is Your House? presenter Kim Woodburn made an appearance on the show. At the time of writing, the edition which aired live on ITV, STV and UTV has also seen over 3200 complaints lodged with television regulator Ofcom.

ITV producers invited Woodburn back onto the programme ‘to make amends’ with ‘agony aunt’ Coleen Nolan, following their fall-out during January 2017’s Celebrity Big Brother.

“What happened seems to be that you allowed an out of control example of bullying to be transmitted for “entertainment”. This isn’t the 1500s. Bear baiting is illegal. Whoever was in the gallery today ought to be reprimanded for allowing this to happen and for broadcasting it.” – Lecturer in Historical Context relating to Classical Theatre & Media, Paul Carmichael on Twitter

Kim and Coleen had not been face to face on-screen since CBB in 2017 until yesterday.

Linda Nolan, Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter and Linda Robson were the daily panellists, with Street-Porter dressed like a judge for the Woodburn segment. From the start, it was clear the supposed mediation exercise was not going to go well with Woodburn sticking by her view that Coleen had been ‘two-faced’ in the Celebrity Big Brother house, whilst the Nolan side of the desk branded the celebrity cleaner vile and talentless to applause from the studio audience.

As things continued, the Nolans muttered under their breath whenever Woodburn spoke, which even continued when she brought up her traumatic childhood. Exchanges culminated in Woodburn breaking down in tears and walking off the set, calling Coleen ‘lying trash’ on her way out. The show has come under fire for how out of hand the feature got, particularly the Nolan sisters’ continued mocking of an increasingly distressed Woodburn.

“I was ambushed, it was disgusting. It was like a circus and I was there for some cruel entertainment… They could have stopped that show, the one with the earmic could have stopped it. ITV did nothing to curb it.” – Kim Woodburn statement

The edition which aired today also came in for stick for not referencing the uproar the programme had created, choosing to look at print bullying instead. An irony not lost on TV critic Ian Hyland who tweeted:

“First item on is all about Stacey Solomon being called names on a magazine cover. Yes, attacking women like that is just so wrong isn’t ladies?”

A spokeswoman for Woodburn in a statement to the Press Association noted that Kim was invited on to the ITV daytime programme as she was told Nolan wanted to “hold peace talks with her”. The spokesperson said Woodburn was briefed by ITV bosses and told Nolan would speak first and give her reasons for their row.

“She was told Coleen wanted to bury the hatchet. However when Kim walked on set, Coleen refused to speak first and made Kim do all the talking. This left Kim on the spot and out of her depth. This incident has left Kim incredibly upset and she feels disappointed with what happened.” – Kim Woodburn spokesperson.

Some of the images posted in support of Kim, one spoofing ITV Nightscreen with a ‘more accurate’ description of Loose Women, rebranded Loose Bullies they suggest.

External Link: Nearly 5000 viewers sign petition for ITV to dump Coleen Nolan from Loose Women

There’s been a lot of debate on social media and forums over the Loose Women programme and the alleged bullying of Kim Woodburn on the show, the majority seemingly – to date – endorsing the view the programme went way too far. Here are some of the critical posts about the daily debate show:

Our own editor Doug Lambert tweeted: “ has at best been a sexist gossip shop for years, (happy to point out to Michael Balls face he was once fat but would never do that do a woman etc) but today it reached a level of words its production team may not be even able to spell: reprehensible, abhorrent, odious.”

While over on the Digital Spy Forums Pele the firegoddess put together an eloquently noted view:  “So surprised how any one can not see how this was awfully set up. Someone was asked on to show with the premise that a host wanted to say something as part of an apology and entered a circus of an arena with someone who she had a feud with, her sister, two friends and a parody judge scenario. Kim immediately said she was asked to appear as Coleen had something to say and apologise which was instantly rebuffed, she then quickly became aware of the humiliation and became defensive.

This was in such poor taste. It is not about taking sides but seeing the show as a humiliating set up for some one with mental health issues due to their troubled past and ptsd experiences including on a reality show with the host. The audience laughed at her. When she broke down in tears about her past experiences it was mocked and dismissed, and she was called talentless, with anger issues and vile. For me this show should be cancelled. How can this show claim to be about female empowerment or even a supporter of mental health issues? Even Janet tried to stop the Nolan’s insults. It was awful to watch. Then what followed on Twitter with family members of the Nolan’s calling Kim a fruitloop was so insensitive and distasteful.

Where was the support for the guest with mental health issues on a mental health awareness show? Where was the dignity and respect for both involved in the feud? This was nothing more than a humiliating, bullying game of entertainment at the expense of a person with mental health issues and a traumatic past. So sad that daytime shows have been reduced to this. Ofcom should investigate this. It has a responsibility to the public, production and guests.”

A comment to ATV Today from Jenny Chadwick said: “Kim may be OTT about her experience on CBB, but its what it felt like for her. She is obviously very defensive cos of her past. I enjoyed her on CBB but she has issues, possibly worsening ones and I just don’t think it’s being handled the right way at all. I mean even if she is going on about it again you don’t sit there and say the snide things like Linda Nolan was when she’s trying to articulate her abuse. It’s like being dismissive of the abuse. The show was a disgrace, if itv was still run by Lew Grade he’d have taken it off air mid-show!”

Sharon Forbes on Twitter noted a happier time for Kim: “I worked with Kim Woodburn in the late 70s on a cruise ship and I can testify that she is a very caring, generous woman. The persona we are familiar with is just for TV entertainment. It saddens me to see her reduced to tears and so upset

An ATV Today comment post from Fran Biddick added: “I felt sickened watching yesterday’s broadcast of Loose Women; to see a woman who has obvious issues openly baited like that. The audience whooping and cheering for Coleen, the Nolan sisters sitting smugly as Kim got more and more worked up and then chipping in with side remarks whilst she was talking about something as serious as childhood abuse, which has obviously left her scarred and on the defence. This is actually disgusting. How can something like this go out on air? Not even Jeremy Kyle leaves me feeling this uncomfortable.”

J. Knight shared with social media: “Wow so the last time you were successful [The Nolans] and made the top ten chart was nearly 40 years ago? Well you have certainly made it again by successfully hitting No1 in the sad bitter middle aged bully chart. Disgusting behaviour. You need sacking, along with your ‘gang’.”

Andy Nicholson tweeted: “Just seen the incident and it was pretty bitchy… the panel came accross as biased and self righteous.. I could see them as a bunch out of touch die hards on a local village hall committee.. The cretinous audience didnt help either.”

Karl Downey got to the point with ITV on Twitter: “Make a note of today’s date. Today was the day the British general public stood up to those nasty, stuck-up bullies known as the Nolans. We won’t put up with bullies on TV! better tomorrow!”

Simon Henley said in a comment to ATV Today: “Maybe Linda and Coleen can use their talents elsewhere, off the TV. I’m sure some agent can get them work more fitting to their ability – end of pier cabaret in Blackpool. ITV should have pulled the show off for the foreseeable until they can get a producer who knows how to run the thing properly.”

Loose Women from August 29th described as one of the most obnoxious editions in its 19-year history.

A direct question to Coleen on Twitter by Tracey Griffiths asked: “I just wonder as a mature woman like myself if you really wanted a reconciliation with Kim why didn’t you do it in private. No you wanted to look the victim when in fact you looked the bully. Back fired!”

LittleMidlandTV tweeted: “You have to admire ITV for sticking with Loose Women really. I meant its been a crock of shite for years but on it goes. To think this was the network that used to give people intellectual and informative debate with The Time, The Place.”

Ashton tweeted: “I watched yesterday that was just bullying and planned bullying with having the two Nolan sisters there !!!! I think have a lot to answer for !!!!! Btw not a Kim Woodburn fan I just thought it was awful!!!”

Maggie also took to Twitter: “The headlines should’ve been the Nolan’s and the bullying, how could they comment on the Stacey Solomon issue when they were doing the same yesterday ?- double values!!”

Barragirl wrote on social media: “Witches conducted a witch hunt yesterday and no reference made to viewers today. Coleen’s son Shane is as foul-mouthed as his mother.”

An ATV Today Comment post by Ste Lowe:”Does Loose Women have nothing better to do than make an issue of a row between two people that happened in the Big Brother house ages ago?.

CFCJM on the Digital Spy Forms noted: “I felt very uncomfortable with this whole staged set up. Kim clearly has mental health issues – however nasty and argumentative she may appear. The fact that both Nolan witches were there appeared as if they were ganging up on a her. To imply Coleen wanted to make some sort of peace with Kim was an insult to our intelligence. If that was the case – do it behind closed doors – not on TV to guarantee good ratings. The Nolan’s don’t have the dignity, professionalism or maturity to handle a situation like this with a highly unstable woman. Very awkward viewing with no one coming off well. 

LoveNLaugh said on Twiter: “Hypocrites. The lot of them. If your in the “click” then your ok obviously. Switched off will not be watching again. Can’t believe they are still on air. Imagine if it had been a bunch of blokes ?!! Now that would be a different story”

Lynn Young questioned online: “If a man can lose his job for spitting, surely gang organised bullying on live tv is even worse.

Actress Judy Matheson tweeted: “Such horrible bullying from & others. A depressing day for this sort of thing ( see previous tweet about from ) And for women.”

Shane Telford tweeted: “Kim Woodburn and Coleen Nolan on , if you want to settle a feud you do privately and face to face, you don’t invite her onto a chat show and gang up on her four on one.”

Startled Jesus on Twitter said: “What a set of bitchy, heartless shrews on Loose Women yesterday. The two Nolans in particular certainly didn’t do themselves any favours. Appalling lowest common denominator broadcasting by ITV. Shame.”

An ATV Today comment by Elaine S said: “Obviously you have to be in ‘the click’ with the Loose Women regulars to be treated with some respect. The entire programme should be ashamed. ITV of old would have pulled it off air to retain some dignity.”

HeyYouOverThere on Digital Spy Forums noted: “They were obviously aware that Kim was angry with Colleen based on the way she responded previously to a message from Colleen when she appeared on the show and Colleen couldn’t be there. This whole thing was set up as a way to attack Kim with her sister in tow for having the audacity to push Colleens insincere message up her arse. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from them. Colleen was livid and then started hurling insults at Kim. She should have been the presenter and better person and bite her tongue, but instead she got into a argument with someone who clearly has trust issues and showed herself up for what she really is.

Oh she didn’t over shout but you could clearly see the eyes were very cold and angry and showing exactly how she felt being rumbled by Kim. She tried to come across as sweetness and light when the whole programme is a friend of a friend style and confrontational when someone does not toe the line to their thinking. They are not caring women at all. Janet Street Porter? if she is caring I am a monkeys uncle.

They are all vile uncaring women without an ounce of empathy unless it suits their agenda. Horrible to the core and like Kim was honest enough to admit she is their for the money they should apply the same honesty and admit that that is the case with most of them on that panel. Caring my arse. I wouldn’t want to sit on their panel and discuss anything with people like them. They wouldn’t know empathy if it came up and introduced itself to them. Time to bin this insincere crap and put decent real caring people on as presenters and get rid of the people on it now that are far from caring in reality. Yes, Kim ranted and raved but some people deal with their emotions and anger that way. It doesn’t make them bad.”

Matthew, tweeted his view: “The low point was when one of the “talent” said “you’ve got no talent…. what’s your talent….go on tell us your talent” as if (1) anyone else onscreen had any and (2) it mattered. What, does that make you a better person, talent? Poor isolated, confused, ambushed, set-up Kim.”

External Link: A collection of tweets about the Loose Women bullying issue

Loose Women hit a new low yesterday, with its worst-ever edition for many viewers.
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  1. Coleen Nolan I couldn’t give a monkeys what she said or did on that rubbish programme she a NUTCASE and needs a one way trip to the Looney Bin I don’t watch Reality shite end of story as I remember the days of ATV when there was NO REALITY TV and crap like that would have never been commissioned by Lew Grade.

  2. If you want to make amends you don’t cal someone vile and ask them what their talen tis larv. At that point Kim had only brought up Coleen’s two-facedness again and that was about why she had a problem wiht her in the BB house.

  3. I mean what the f-k is Coleen’s talent? Singing ‘ooh ooh ooh’ into a microphone a few times while Bernie did all the hard work? And then slagging off her husband on Loose Women the past few years.

    I mean if either of them had been the lead singer of the Nolans fair enough but they weren’t lol

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