Coleen Nolan talks about ‘that’ Loose Women segment with Kim Woodburn

Yesterday’s edition of the lowbrow series has seen a social media storm and over 4000 complaints to television regulator Ofcom.

Producers, seemingly aiming for publicity following dismal ratings recently, brought Kim and Coleen into conflict once more.

“Anyone that knows me knows I’m not a bully. That would be the most hurtful thing people could call me” – Coleen Nolan, trying to salvage the situation in The Mirror

ITV producers invited Woodburn back onto the programme ‘to make amends’ with ‘agony aunt’ Coleen Nolan, following their fall-out during January 2017’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Linda Nolan, Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter and Linda Robson were the daily panellists, with Street-Porter dressed like a judge for the Woodburn segment. From the start, it was clear the supposed mediation exercise was not going to go well with Woodburn sticking by her view that Coleen had been ‘two-faced’ in the Celebrity Big Brother house, whilst the Nolan side of the desk branded the celebrity cleaner vile and talentless to applause from the studio audience.

“I didn’t want to do the reunion. It was the producers who said she wanted to make peace. I agreed because I was happy to draw a line under past differences. From the moment she arrived, it was clear Kim didn’t want to make up. Now I wish I could go back in time and not do it. It was ugly, upsetting and unpleasant for everyone.” – Coleen Nolan speaking to The Mirror

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Coleen first encountered Kim Woodburn on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother in January 2017.

Kim Woodburn made her feelings clear to the CBB house that she felt she was being ganged up upon.

Confident they were in the right, cocky thanks to the wooping of the baiting audience, the Nolans muttered under their breath whenever Woodburn spoke on Loose Women, which even continued when she brought up her traumatic childhood. Exchanges culminated in Woodburn breaking down in tears and walking off the set, calling Coleen ‘lying trash’ on her way out. The show has come under fire for how out of hand the feature got, particularly the Nolan sisters’ continued mocking of an increasingly distressed Woodburn.

Speaking to The Mirror, a newspaper she works for as an agony aunt, Coleen attempted to calm the criticisms, with an overwhelming majority on social media – from actors, specialist councillors, media lecturers and everyday viewers condemning Loose Women and its panel. The majority of viewers unimpressed with the Nolan side of the desk.

The Mirror interview has been branded a damage limitation exercise, with little evidence from the show that ITV or the Nolans are sorry for the public humiliation that was seemingly deliberately executed on Wednesday afternoon. However, the newspaper quotes have failed to stem the outrage with a petition to have Coleen dumped from Loose Women fast approaching 7000 signatures this afternoon.

“Kim even had a go at [fellow Loose Women panellist] Linda Robson, who is one of the nicest women I know. She hates me for a reason I will never understand. I wish Kim well. I hate to see anyone unhappy. But I want to forget we ever met again. I will never appear on a show with her again. It is better we keep to our own paths.”

Some of the Twitter images supporting the view Loose Women went far too far.

Many viewers feel its time the show should either end or be revamped. ‘Live and Loose‘ a mixed male and female panel version has been one popular suggestion; with Matthew Wright – recently departed from Channel 5 – mooted as a good male co-host.

Coleen Nolan had been due to present Friday’s edition of Loose Women (Aug 31st) however wasn’t present on the programme. However, she is scheduled to return next week.

“Do the right thing Coleen, take your sister back to the trailer trash caravan or the council estate where your behaviour is more fitting. ITV is no place for this kind of bawdy four-onto-one mocking, ganging up on behaviour. And frankly if ITV had morals, diginty and standards they’d have pulled the plug on Thursday.” – TV Critic Vivian Summers

Wednesday’s Loose Women was branded odious, and the worst in its history.
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  2. Coleen Nolan is two sandwiches short of a pic nic as she runs on like a two Bob watch thinking she’s a star well she isn’t she was a member of a now defunct girl group as the the star of the Nolan’s was Bernie and she’s dead and gone! I think Coleen should pick up her cards but the best solution would be for her to take a little trip under a bus that would solve the problem!!

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