Forget Love Island, you can have just as much fun in four minutes with UKTV.

Thorp Park also took to Love Island with a specially themed beach earlier this year.

“We know intelligent programming sets many pulses racing for our viewers and Geek Island provides a fun way for people to dive into our incredible season of factual content. We’re proud to be making smart programming sexy for a new generation of viewers.” – Scott Russell, Creative Director, UKTV

Today, on demand TV service UKTV Play, has announced an exciting new mini-series, Geek Island – an affectionate parody of reality TV where SMART is the new SEXY and love equals MC squared.

The sizzling new mini-series follows the amorous and academic adventures of eight hot, young eggheads over four action-packed one-minute episodes where passion, romance and drama combine at a secret party paradise. The premise of Geek Island is simple, the contestants however, are not…

Among the geniuses set to heat things up like a fully-fuelled Bunsen Burner are Miss England Stephanie Hill (a first-class Radiotherapy & Oncology graduate), Georgie Clarke from ITV’s Survival of the Fittest (BA in Fashion and an MA in Fashion Business and Management with Cultural Studies) and University Challenge prodigy Bobby Seagull (currently completing a Mathematics PHD at Cambridge).  Contestants have been chosen for their intelligence ensuring that an air of smouldering smartness permeates the mansion while UKTV Play’s cameras capture all the ‘Mensa-magic’ that ensues.

Highlights include steamy debates on quantum mechanics, macro evolution and modern geopolitics, in what has been billed as the sexiest and smartest reality mini-series of 2018.

Geek Island promotes UKTV Play’s collection of documentary and factual programming throughout September, which includes over 1,000 shows available for free, such as Impossible Railways, Wildest Africa, Abandoned Engineering and Forbidden History.

The Geek Island cast engage in sexually-charged and heated academic debates within the luxurious mansion. Viewers can learn about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, the nuances of evolutionary theories and the reactivity of chemical compounds from their lively discussions and flirty debates.

“When the Seagull lands the girls come flocking. I’m packing a whopper upstairs in my 19-inch cranium and I’m ready to divide the mansion, subtract the guys and multiply with the girls.” – Bobby Seagull, currently studying for his PHD at Cambridge

Geek Island launched with four one-minute episodes earlier today (Thursday 30th August.) The full mini-series can be binge-watched in four minutes at

UKTV Play’s collection of documentaries and factual shows runs throughout September and includes Impossible Railways, Wildest Africa, Abandoned Engineering and Forbidden History and can be watched, for free, online at

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