ITV Daytime go on Nolan defensive as petition to ditch her reaches 26,000

Opinion Report by Mike Watkins: Coleen Nolan appeared on This Morning earlier this week to discuss last Wednesday’s edition of Loose Women which media experts and mental health advisors have called unprofessional.

Coleen and her sister Linda took on Kim Woodburn on Loose Women last week.

“It really threw me when she came out and attacked us all and I was just as upset as everyone else. At one point I actually felt myself smiling. I thought, ‘Is this actually happening?’ I don’t wish her any ill but she’s such an actress.” – Coleen Nolan speaking to the Metro Paper

Following the controversial episode of Loose Women last week (Aug 29th) a petition to remove Coleen Nolan from the programme has reached over 26,000 signatures. Many viewers unimpressed with the ‘engineered’ baiting and public humiliation of reality personality Kim Woodburn. Little has been mentioned on ITV Daytime of the events, other than a brief comment by Kaye Adams on Loose Women earlier today (Friday Sept 7th) that Nolan would be away from the programme for the foreseeable. The tone of this message, offering support, ignited further indignation from those who already blame ITV, the editor and producer for the fiasco in the first place.

“It would be like me and three of my other friends taking Kim into my home and ganging up on her, while loads of our mates cheered us on. The only difference is ITV found it quite acceptable to do this in front of thousands of viewers. Kim is very much like a school mistress or a matron, you know what you’re going to get from her. They especially knew what they’d get after the previous appearance. Coleen and the others were the hosts in their environment, they should have known better. The fact the producer was practucally celebrating the episode once it finished says it all.” – TV Critic Vivian Summers

Now Coleen and This Morning host Phillip Schofield have seemingly branded anyone in support of Kim ‘trolls’. Coleen became teary as she spoke to ITV colleagues Schofield and Holly Willoughby of ‘her ordeal’ (shifting victim from Woodburn to herself); she was allowed to speak freely uninterrupted, unlike Woodburn who was, while having her emotional moment, muttered over by the two Nolans with digs. However Coleen admitted she was sorry for the way she handled the situation on the live debate show and regetted how upset Woodburn had become. And that probably should be the end of it, but the lack of apology from ITV Daytime seems to be keeping those annoyed with LW continuing the campaign against Nolan.

“Honestly I don’t know what to say. If I could go back in time I would change the whole thing because it was never meant to be like that. I honestly, genuinely thought that it was… she was coming on to make amends, that’s what I was told that was going to happen. And then we were going to have a laugh about it and make amends. So it was like, let’s put it to bed, let’s have a laugh about it, let’s make amends. And it didn’t go that way, obviously, from the moment she came out.” – Coleen Nolan on This Morning

Twiggy and Coleen Nolan host This Morning for ITV Daytime in the early 2000s.

“And I have to say, it was so shocking, genuinely shocking, for all of us. None of us wanted that. I don’t like to see anybody in that much distress, how she was in the end. And it was just one of those things. It’s been the worst week of my life, actually. I’m so sorry.”

There appears to be some sort of re-focusing the issue via the This Morning interview, and subsequently an article written by Janet Street Porter in the Daily Mail, to reposition Nolan as the victim of a ‘witch hunt’, when in actual fact Nolan is the victim, along with Woodburn, of ITV Daytime and their pathetic excuse to try and boost the falling ratings of Loose Women. To say it is anything other than a PR stunt gone wrong cannot be believed. It is very much like chat show producers in the 1970s and 80s asking Rod Hull to appear with Emu – they knew entirely the bird would attack someone, and not just sit quietly. The fact Nolan and Woodburn fell out in CBB, just like Nolan and Julie Goodyear had in a previous series, means ITV and everyone on that production knew the outcome would be ‘explosive’ enhanced by the sinister entry music for Kim, and Janet Street Porter dressed like a drag-act version of Judge Judy.

“Linda Robson, who is the kindest woman in the world, was trying to be so nice to her and it was bizarre, Kim kept hitting her hand away. What upset me were the trolls afterwards who said I had bullied her. It was really unfair for people to troll us and blame us. The whole experience was horrible and I couldn’t stop shaking. I thought she’d come on and it would be a chat, and we’d agree to put it behind us. Instead, she came out with all guns blazing.” – Collen Nolan speaking to The Sun

Nolan had announced a nationwide tour last weekend, the first as a solo artist. However due to rumoured poor sales it has been postponed. She has also noted she will be taking considerable time off Loose Women. The complaints to Ofcom about the August 29th edition of Loose Women are almost as many as who have signed a petition to sack the I’m In the Mood for Dancing singer from ITV. The signatures currently stand at over 26,200.

“People who troll Coleen are well out of order. But many of those who are unhappy aren’t trolls, but genuinely concerned at the unpleasant nature and tone of this [LW Aug 29th] interview. The guest was baited by both presenters and audience. Nobody involved in the circus emerged with any credit.” – 70s Fan on Twitter

While another tweet also seemed to sum up the mood of those who had been taking their concerns to Ofcom and

“Janet [Street Porter] you are as much to blame.  You said in you column that you wore a judges rope and sat between both women to referee.. You made a mockery of Kim. That must have wound her up even more. If they both wanted to solve there differences they should have done it privately…. – Brenda Docherty

And another took the Janet Street Porter pro-Coleen article to task:

“It’s a shame Kim Woodburn doesn’t have a journalist friend to write a biased, one sided column in her defence. Coleen was the one to start throwing insults, she “barely said a word”? Why don’t you quote what she did say? It might give a fairer picture of what happened” – Richard Cammish on Twitter

Kaye Adams noted support from Loose Women on todays programme, while Janet Street Porter gave a strong defense of Coleen Nolan in the Daily Mail.
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  1. Coleen Nolan is now facing the walk of shame as she’s too desperately dim to realise that her attacks on Kim Woodburn but she should go all because she went on Shite Big Brother so here goes Coleen Nolan You Are The Weakest Link,.,…………………Goodbye!!!!

  2. Publicity stunt for ITV / her tour it went tits up. Still announced tour hoping sell out dates to stick two fingers up at those concerned with the Loose Women bitch hunt. Failed again, retreats.

    She forgets A ) us gays loved the Nolans, B ) us gays love a strong woman aka Kim luvvie.

    You’ve killed most of your fan base by comparing gay union like Islamic state and the trying yo use Kim as a publicity tool. ITV should be ashamed but clearly not.

  3. An endorsement from JSP isn’t exactly worth much surely. I remember reading how a young student wrote to her for advice on the world of media and she just wrote back saying no can’t help!

    Classy lot those Loose Women.

  4. BIGBROTHER is dead what wonderful news as idiots who went on this Crap show are Loonatics and now just axe all garbage Reality Television and make shows worth watching !

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